20 Times

You know the story of the girl who rejected THE Liam Payne 20 times? Well thats me, and here I am years later going to finally make his dreams come true. The only reason im doing this is because I need a little action in my life, im only using him for a good time right? I would never fall in love with him or so I thought....


3. Chapter 3

Alexandra's P.O.V

"No way you literally bumped into desperate Payne" My friend Elena exclaimed as she was laughing at me.
"It's not funny, anyways he still has that obsession over me" I snapped back at her.
"Whoa girl sorry I was laughing, I just thought it would be really funny" she said as she put her hands up in surrender.
"Yeah whatever it's fine" I said.
"Wait since you gave him your number I have a fun idea" She said as she gave me a devilish smile.
"Okay shoot" I said 
"Well how about we play with little Payne's feelings and make him fall in love with you to the point where he will do anything for you and then you just tell him after it was all just a game" She said getting excited.
"No thats really mean, it could possibly break him" I said getting nervous.
"Well thats the point, if you want him to leave you alone for the rest of your life, you need to make him hate you" She said.
"Well I guess that's true" I said realizing it's the only way.
"So are you up for it?" She asked.
"Yea I guess" I said.
"Perfect" She smiled at me.
"Anyways I gotta go Danny is taking me on a date tonight" she said as she broke the awkward silence between us.
"Okay I will text you whenever" Sighing as she was putting on her coat.
"Bye girl" She said as she gave me a hug.
"Yea bye" I said as she closed the door to my flat.
Well this day has been eventful...

Liam's P.O.V

"Wait so you ran into the girl who had rejected you 20 times and you still talked to her, don't you get she doesn't like you" Harry exclaimed pacing back and fourth in my flat.
"But hey if she didn't want anything to do with me then why would she give me her number" I said as I waved my phone in front of his face. 
"Well she could be into you but this can all be just a game" He said still not believing that she really wants me now.
"Its not and when we start dating and we fall in love then you will see" I said getting excited at the thought of us falling in love.
"Okay man whatever you say" He said back to me.
"Now all I need to do is talk to her in some form" I said.
"Well don't you have her number?" Harry asked.
"Yea" I said.
"Then call her and ask her out on a date stupid" He said hitting the back of my head lightly.
"Oh right" I sheepishly knotted my head.
"Okay do it now I wanna hear this conversation" Harry said getting excited.
"Okay well here goes nothing" I said as I nervously dialled her number.
This should be great...

Author's Note

Hey Lovelies hoping you are liking this story so far :)
Please comment, like, etc 
Love ya <3


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