20 Times

You know the story of the girl who rejected THE Liam Payne 20 times? Well thats me, and here I am years later going to finally make his dreams come true. The only reason im doing this is because I need a little action in my life, im only using him for a good time right? I would never fall in love with him or so I thought....


2. Chapter 1

Alexandra's P.O.V

"And we danced all night to the best song ever". As soon as I heard that rubbish came on I immediately turned off the radio. 
The name is alexandra, Im from Wolverhampton a beautiful place in england where Mr. Liam Payne also grew up in. If you have wondered why I have pointed it out so quickly its because I knew Mr. Payne back in the day. If you didn't know which you probably didn't, Im the girl who rejected him 20 times. And you are probably wondering how i rejected THE Liam Payne, well here's a simple fact, I never fancied him! The amount of times he asked me out was outrageous!! I mean I would've thought he would give up on the third time but no he at least gave up on the 20th time which was the last time I saw him before he left for the X-Factor. Its not that he wasn't a handsome looking lad, its just I only thought about him as another student in my class.
Anyways back to reality as I got out of my car I was walking to Starbucks just down the street until I bumped into someone and fell.
"Im so sorry love I didn't see you there" said a husky voice
"Oh no its okay it was my fault I didn't see where I was going" I said nicely back as the stranger helped me up
"No really it- alexandra i-is that you?" The stranger said to me as I looked up to see who it was
"Oh hey Liam its been long time since I've seen you" I said nervously as I gazed into his eyes
"Yea it has been how have you been?" He asked
"Oh good i'm just finishing up my second year or university how about you?" I asked as he was smiling at me the whole time I was talking
"Well me and my band which i'm sure you have heard of just finished our tour and now on break" He said proudly
"Yea I've heard and congratulations!" I said to him with a small smile on my face
"Well since I'm on break right now at home again maybe we can hang out sometime?" He asked hopefully
"Erm yea sure here is my number.." I said awkwardly as I gave it to him
"Thanks and I will definitely see you around" He said as he winked at me and walked away
 I took a moment to my self and realized he actually thinks he still has a chance with me again, well Liam Payne you will get what you want for now but when I finally reject you for the last time, you will definitely never want to talk to me again. A perfect plan to end the annoying attempts of Mr. Payne to ask me out. 

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