Las Vegas

Jason and his older brother Alex were raised in a bunch of different foster homes before a man named Ralph Harvey adopted them and began to follow in his beliefs about a corrupt government. He was trying to convince the boys and his fellow members to change the system from within before he was arrested and jailed by the police for driving a car without a license. Huxbee took his place but was soon arrested as well. This act caused the McCann brothers to hate cops and seek revenge.


2. Phone Call

-Jason's Pov-



"Are you sure you placed them by the entrance? We can't fuck this up Jason.

Stokes has to go." Alex asked me for like the tenth time.

"Yes. I'm sure. Plus with these calculations nothing

can fuck our plan up." I sighed. He nodded.

I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. It felt strange and it

wasn't going away. Then all the times Stokes tried saving

Ralph and Huxbee came to mind. I felt guilty? I don't

know. I couldn't let him die this way. It just didn't seem

right. I have to stop this. "Uh Alex. Roger. I think I saw some 

people walking over there." I pointed behind the van. "Fuck."

Alex muttered and got off the car with Roger behind him. 



Right when they left. Stokes drove up into his drive way.

I got my phone out and called Stokes. Even if he did put Ralph

and Huxbee under custody he protected me and my brother 

when some guys tried framing us for blowing up a funeral. 

They still took us down. They arrested Alex the other day. But Roger bailed him out.

"Stokes." He answered. "You said you wanted to be my friend." I told him.

"Yeah, who's this?" He asked looking around his front yard.

"You said you wouldn't let the cops arrest my brother. And then 

you  take him in?" I spoke again. 



Completely ignoring his question. "Jason McCann?" He asked

walking towards the front gate to his home. "I should just

let you suffer. Just how you let Ralph and Huxbee suffer." I said completely

ignoring his question again. "How'd you get my number?" He asked

unlatching and opening the door to the gate. I looked through the windows

and saw Alex and Roger coming my way. "Wait, they're coming. I gotta

go. Whatever you do don't go home." I quickly hung up before he can

ask questions. Alex and Roger stepped into the van.



"There wasn't anybody Jason." Alex sighed. "Uh woops. Thought

I saw a couple walking." I nervously laughed. "Hey Alex look." Roger tapped 

my brother's shoulder to get his attention. Alex turned around and saw

Stokes by the gate. He was on the phone. Probably calling for back up. "Fuck.

How the fuck did he figure out?" Alex hissed. "This was a full proof plan." Roger commented.

They both looked back at me. I gave them a confused look. "Why are you guys

staring at me for?" I asked. "Because you're all budy budy with Stokes."

Roger hissed. "Jason did you call him and tell him about the bombs?"

Alex asked sternly. I shook my head. "Why the fuck would I do that?"

I snapped. 


Roger made his way to the back of the van. "Jason. I'm gonna ask

you one more time. Did you call Stokes and tell him about

the bombs?" He asked sternly. "Now before you answer. If you lie

and I find out the truth. You will regret it." He hissed. I sighed and 

nodded. "Yes I called Stokes." I answered simply. "You little shit."

Roger launched himself and pinned me on the floor. He punched my

face a couple of times. I felt a bruise coming along already. He

continued to beat me. After what seemed like forever but really

was 10 minutes, he returned to the front of the van with Alex.



Alex drove off back to the warehouse. I'm pretty sure he's pissed off. 

But what hurt me more is that he didn't try to defend his brother. He

just let that asshole beat me. He didn't give a shit. "Alex." I 

called out as he drove into the drive way. "Yeah?" He called back.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked. Alex gave Roger a look and he nodded 

and got off the car. "What's up Jase?" He turned around in his seat. 

"W-why didn't you defend me?" I asked. Really not wanting to know the answer.

"Jase. I-I just couldn't. You ruined our plan." He sighed.



"But I'm your brother Alex. No matter how many times I fuck up

you're suppose to be there for me." I bit back the tears that 

threatened to fall. "Jason. You let the man, who tried killing Ralph

and arrested Huxbee, live another day." He rubbed his temples.

"Alex when Ralph was arrested and Huxbee planned the whole

funeral bombing to get back at the LVPD and the whole shit went

out of control and the police came searching for us. He defended us 

Alex. Plus he did us a favor." I shook my head.



"Oh yeah. What did he do?" He looked into my eyes. "He arrest Huxbee.

You know. The guy who abused us many times and in many ways."

Huxbee used to abuse Alex and I when we didn't do what we

were asked to do. If we messed up he'd just beat us.

That never fixed anything but he didn't care.

If we'd get detention at school or suspended he'd uh- let's

just say we wouldn't be able to go to school for a whole week.



"Jason. What's a little beating?" he asked. He seriously doesn't

know does he? "I was sexually abused by him Alex." I looked down.

"Why didn't you tell me this Jason?" He asked. "I-I just couldn't

tell you okay?" I felt the tears in the rim of my eyelids.

I blinked them away and jumped out of the car. I was walking away

from the warehouse. "Jason. Look at me." He turned me around.

"Your my brother and I love you. You know you can tell me anything

right?" He asked looking into my eyes. I nodded and wiped away some

of the tears that slipped out.


He hugged me tightly. I rested my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Alex mumbled. "What are you sorry about?" I asked pulling away.

"You don't deserve a life like this Jase." He sighed and rubbed under

my eyes where i'm guessing is my new black and blue bruise.

"We didn't ask for this Alex. But what can we do now?" I sighed. "Come on.

Let's get inside." He smiled. We walked in to the warehouse

and went straight into the living room. I through myself on the couch and

turned on the t.v. Alex connected the Xbox and put in COD.



We started playing for a while. Completely forgetting the past events

and conversations. Which I'm thankful. I really don't need pity but some

times all the shit that's happened gets to me and I just break down

I hate showing my emotions. I feel like a complete wuss. I like letting

loose once in a while. Playing games with Alex. It makes me feel

like a kid. Like a normal teen. I'm no where near normal though.

Some times I wish I had a different life. 



After hours of just playing random Xbox games. Out of nowhere we

heard a loud bang coming from the front door. Alex paused the game

and he walked towards the front door with me following behind him. "Jason.

We need you to come with us." Some big muscular csi agents ordered.

I looked at Alex. He just shrugged. Gee thanks brother. I shook my head

and walked out the door. They took me to the PD to ask me some questions

concerning the phone call.  When we got there they escorted me to a room with a 

steel table and 2 chairs across from each other. 




Stokes walked in after 10 minutes 

of waiting. "Hey." He said as he walked in through the door. "Hey." I replied

watching his every move. "That's a pretty nasty bruise you got there. How'd 

you get that?" He asked referring to the bruise under my eye. "I fell." 

I lied. "Mm." He nodded clearly not believing me. I took a sip of soda

that happened to be in front of me. "I want to thank you for calling

me when you did or I wouldn't be here right now.

That took a lot of guts," He said. I looked down then looked right back up at him.

"I'm sure there's some people out there who didn't appreciate it. Probably

the same people who put a grenade in my yard.You give me

a name and i can help you." he added. "I can't. They will kill me" I shook my head.

Just thinking what Roger and the gang would do to me and Alex.




"I know you're between a rock and a hard place right now. But 

I'll protect you." He looked at me worriedly. "Like you protected Ralph right?"

I looked at him in disgust. "Hey. Ralph didn't give me a choice, man." He

said. "You think that makes it hurt any less?" I snapped.

"Jason." Roger called out, I turned to look at him. 

"Let's go." He ordered. I looked at Nick one more time before standing

up. "Hey. You still have my number?" Stokes asked. I didn't answer.

I just walked towards Roger. He put his arm around my shoulder 

and lead me out of the PD. 



By the grip he had around my shoulder just gave me an idea of 

what he was gonna do to me. I felt another bruise forming onto my other eye.

I sighed. "What the fuck did you tell him?" Roger snapped as soon 

as we got home. "Nothing I swear." I answered. "Liar." He hissed and 

punched me on my stomach. I doubled over in pain. "If anything

happens. I will come after you." He threatened and walked away. 

Someday I will get my revenge on Roger. Mark my words.

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