Las Vegas

Jason and his older brother Alex were raised in a bunch of different foster homes before a man named Ralph Harvey adopted them and began to follow in his beliefs about a corrupt government. He was trying to convince the boys and his fellow members to change the system from within before he was arrested and jailed by the police for driving a car without a license. Huxbee took his place but was soon arrested as well. This act caused the McCann brothers to hate cops and seek revenge.


3. Little Brother

-Jason's Pov-



 "Jason. Hide." Alex yelled/whispered through the door of my room.

I ran to my closet and hit behind my coats. Roger is pissed off. Why? I don't know

but he takes it out on me. As much as Alex loves me and tries standing up to 

him. He can't. Roger is freakishly tall and muscular. He could probably knock

out Alex with a slap to the face. I heard some footsteps around my room.

"Jason. I know you're hiding around here. Get the fuck out. I need you." Roger hissed.

My stomach churned. What does he possibly need from me? I just blanked

out all the shit that was going through my mind. "Since you fucked up our last

mission. I need you to lead another one. If you fuck it up again. You'll

regret it." He threatened. I gulped. I slowly came out of my closet.

When Roger heard my closet door creek open he turned around in a flash. 

He sent me his infamous smirks. Oh no.





"My, Jason. There you are." He came closer to me. I backed up

with each step he took. I was traumatized by him. Call me a 

pussy all you want. But you don't know what I've been through because

of him and Huxbee. "Jason I'm not gonna hurt you. I want you to come 

down stairs. We need to come up with a plan to kill Nick Stokes

and his partner." He rolled his eyes. I nodded. "W-what are you suggesting

we do?" I stuttered out like a wimp. "One word. Bombs." The look on

his face sent chills down my spine. "Do you think Nick Stokes is stupid?

He'll take back up with him. Where ever he goes." I rolled my eyes. "That's

why I need you to make the bombs. You know. The ones Ralph showed 

you how to make? The unstoppable ones?" He questioned. Ralph showed

Alex and I how to make bombs. But we were young we didn't know what we

were doing. Plus Ralph was the nicest man who took us in. So of course

we listened. We didn't really think Ralph would try to kill some one.

After that day Alex rebelled against him. 





Ralph was fed up with him because he wouldn't listen to him.

Because I was younger I was afraid what Ralph would do so I listened to him. Alex

would get pissed off at me. But I didn't really know what was the right thing to do.

One day Ralph decided to step up my game and show me how to do bombs that

are almost impossible to stop. Even if you cut the red wires they won't stop. 

I've never made any bombs lately. It's always been Roger or Alex. As much as Alex

is a tough guy and hates making bombs. He's not an idiot. He doesn't want another

stab wound. "So you're gonna do that and plant them around the warehouse. 

Then you're gonna call you're friend Stokes to come and help you. He'll

walk into a trap." Roger smirked. He's just fucking sick. He loves seeing

people suffer. He killed his own mother. He even killed his dog right in front

of him and watched it suffer til it died. He deserves to die. I'm sick of his

orders and his beatings. Tonight he will die if it's the last thing I do.

I nodded. "I'll do it." I spoke out. He looked at me surprised. "Wow. I thought

I was gonna have to beat you to agree with me but you just made things

easier. Thank you Jason." He smiled big and walked out of my room. 

Minutes later my brother stormed into my room. "What the fuck are 

you thinking?" He snapped. "You can't make those bombs. LVPD knows 

you and Ralph are the only ones who know how to make those bombs." He hissed.

"Trust me Alex. I'm doing it for us." I sighed and walked out of the door. 

I'm gonna set us free. We might look like bad guys but we hate doing this.

We're just forced to do it. 



-Alex's Pov-


Oh fucking no. I rubbed my temples and sighed for like

the 10th time this night. What is Jason planning? He could get us killed or 

arrested. Fucking hell. i walked right after him and followed him into

the basement where we usually do our bombs. Roger was already down

there preparing things. "So Jason. You ready? I hope you don't

back up on me." He grabbed onto Jason's shoulder tightly and smirked.

Just by him touching my little brother made my blood boil. Nobody fucking

touches my little brother. Especially if you're gonna hurt him. I could sense

something was bothering Jason. He was afraid of something. You could see the

fear in his eyes. Jason nodded. "Y-yeah Roger. D-don't worry. I won't back

down.." He stuttered and looked down. My brother has always been a strong

guy. He saw his parents being murdered in front of us. For a 6 year old

boy, he pulled through it. Through out the year he's seen shit and experienced

stuff that no normal child/teen should ever experience. Yet, he's always been

strong. He never let anybody fuck with him. 



But Huxbee and Roger fucked up his self esteem. When those 6 men 

broke into our house when we were little I was scared out of my fucking mind.

Yet. Jason wasn't. He wanted to make sure our parents were okay. I completely

regret listening to Jason. If I wouldn't have gone with him it could have 

saved him one less scar. I love my brother and I would do anything to defend him.

What ever Jason has planned I will back him up. I don't care how stupid it is or

how unplanned it is. I will help out my little brother. "Alex. Are you staying

down here?" Roger asked me. I looked over at him. He was by the entrance

to the basement. I nodded. "Yeah just gonna help out Jason." I answered simply.

He nodded and walked off. I walked over to Jason who was focused on his work.

He was by a table which had many items. A grenade, gun powder, guns,

bullets, wires, wood boards, nails, wire cutters, etc. I looked at Jason. He

was really determined to finish the bombs. I saw the side of his face and focused 

on his features. He had a scar under his jawline. I remember how he got that.

He was 8 years old and he was playing around. Huxbee was fed up with him

and pushed him. He fell onto the ground and he landed on a board with a nail sticking out.

He started bleeding a lot. The cut was way bigger then what it is now. I had to

bandage the cut up for him. Through out the whole time Jason didn't cry.

I stared at the black and blue bruise on under his eye. When I saw Roger go to the

back of the van I knew exactly what he was gonna do. But I couldn't do shit.

My brother has been through so much shit in such a short period of time. 

I wish I could make his life easier for him. I sighed. Jason snapped up to me. "What?"

He asked. I shook my head. "Nothing. Uh what are you doing exactly?"

I asked him. "The bombs." He shrugged and looked back at the table.

I walked towards the other side of the table and sat across from him. I stared at him again.



He looked deep in thought. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. "Nothing."

He sighed. "Jason. I know you're thinking about something. Now tell me."

I pushed. "I don't know if this plan is actually worth it. But then I think about

you and your happiness and I know, me being dead or in jail is worht

your happiness." He looked up at me. "What?" I asked completely shocked.

He's doing it for me? But I'm the older brother. Aren't I suppose to do it? "I'm

gonna kill Roger in the warehouse after I place the bombs. I'm just sick of him

and I want to live a happy normal life with my brother."  He explained further.

"Jason that's to risky. If he finds out. You're dead. I'm not gonna let

you risk your life for me." I sighed. "Alex. He goes over the places where

we have our missions before it goes into plan remember? He likes

imagining how the victims are gonna die." Well that is true. Roger

is sick minded like that. Every time we place a bomb in a building.

He'll go in there to look over the bombs to make sure they're

placed correctly and to imagine how they're gonna die. He's a sick

mother fucker. I nodded. "Okay. But what if this plan back fires?" I

asked. He handed me a gun. "That's your back up." He pointed to the gun.

"Jason. What's your back up?" I asked.


He just stayed quiet and continued to build the bomb. I sighed.

"Jason. Look at me." I said sternly. He dropped the wire

he had on his hand and slammed his fist onto the steel table.

"I don't have a back up. Okay?" He sighed. "Jason

your an idiot who's willing to kill yourself for your big brother?"

I hissed. "Don't worry. I got your back. No matter what. You're not

going to die." I sighed and gave in. We heard a door shut loudly

and we both snapped our heads to the door to the basement. I 

quickly hid the gun in my waistband. I gave Jason one last look.

Roger walked in. "How are my bombs coming along?" He asked

as he stepped closer to Jason. "How many do you have done?" He

asked him. "N-none." Jason stuttered. I looked at Roger he had

his jaw locked. He was beyond pissed and I certainly know what's

gonna happen next. Next thing I know I see Roger punch Jason in his stomach.

He doubled over in pain and coughed. While he was in the position

Roger kneed him in the face. I swore I heard something crack

Holy shit. My blood was fucking boiling at this point but I know

if I start anything it will just fuck up Jason's plan. Whatever he

has planned. I clenched and un-clenched my knuckles many times.



After what seemed like forever Roger stopped. He grabbed Jason

by the collar. "Hurry your little ass up.This shit has to be finished

by tonight." He hissed at Jason and pushed him back.

Roger dusted himself off and walked out the basement without

another word. Once I heard the basement door slam I ran over to 

Jason's side. "Jase. You ok?" What kind of question is that? Of course

he's not okay. I mentally slapped myself. Jason sighed and nodded.

"I'm fine." He answered and tried getting up but fell back to the ground.

"Let me help you." I grabbed onto his arm. "No I can do it myself." He

slapped my hand away. I let him go. He tried getting up once again and

kept cursing under his breath. I'm sure he's hurt and he's hurting himself

even more. But he's just to stubborn to listen. I grabbed his arm and helped him

up. He groaned. "Thanks." He said while he walked back to the table.

"Why do you do this Jason? Why are you working so hard to kill him?
There has to be more to the story. Tell me Jase." I asked him.

He sighed. "Ever since I was a little kid. I always wanted to make you 

proud of me. I wanted to impress you. That's why I hardly cried. I didn't want you to think I 

was a pussy. I always looked up to you. I thought this would be my 

only chance to prove to you that i'm not a pussy." He explained not

taking his eyes off the bomb he was making. "You tried impressing me?

Why?" I asked. "Because when you were younger. You enjoyed being

a bad ass. You enjoyed going out on missions. So I thought maybe

if I knew how to do that maybe you would like me more." He sighed. 

"Jase. You don't have to impress me. You're a strong kid. I always looked

up to you. Believe it or not." I told him. He looked up at me. "Really?" He

asked. I smiled and nodded. I'm not ashamed to say. I look

up to my little brother. My 16 year old brother.

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