Las Vegas

Jason and his older brother Alex were raised in a bunch of different foster homes before a man named Ralph Harvey adopted them and began to follow in his beliefs about a corrupt government. He was trying to convince the boys and his fellow members to change the system from within before he was arrested and jailed by the police for driving a car without a license. Huxbee took his place but was soon arrested as well. This act caused the McCann brothers to hate cops and seek revenge.


1. History

                                                                 -Jason's Pov- 





I stared at them in fear. How can they do that? Can't they see that I'm here?

Watching them. Well of course they could but that didn't stop them from

killing my parents. They just continued to slash my mom around her stomach

and another group of men kept stabbing my dad. Are they doing

this to hurt me and Alex? I blinked the tears away. What can 

a 6 year old boy and a 10 year old boy can do to 

a bunch of old men that have done this many times. Or so it seems.

They look like pros. They don't even feel one ounce of guilt.




They were around their 20's? They had masks on so I couldn't

really see their faces. One looked right at me and smiled big

like a kid  on Christmas morning opening their presents.

He stabbed my mom once more making her scream out in pain.

I looked away. I couldn't stand looking at her that way. 

"It's okay Jason everything will be okay." Alex tried reassuring me.

I couldn't take it anymore and I cried.



I've never been the kind to cry in front of my brother. He'd call

me a wussy. He'd call me weak. But I can't hold it anymore.

I don't know how he's holding it in. But I can't. For God's

sake they're killing my parents right in front of our eyes.

I felt a strong hand grip around my arm and pulled 

me up. "Get the fuck away from my brother!" I

heard Alex snap. I looked up at the guy holding me.

He had his mask half way up. You could only see

his chin and his lips. Half his face was covered from 

his nose up.



He had a tattoo. It was on his neck. It was some sort of 'X'

it reminded me of pirates. You know 'x marks the spot'.

"What do we have here?" The man holding me up asked. 

"Leave me brother alone!" Alex yelled. 

"Rob." the guy holding me up called out. I saw a muscular

guy walk over to Alex and punch him right across the 

face. I shrieked. "Leave Alex alone!" My tiny voice yelled out. 



The guy who I'm guessing is 'Rob' turned around. He just smirked. 

He dropped Alex and walked over to me. The guy holding me up

passed me to him. I felt like a doll being used. "And who might you be?"

Rob asked me. "J-Jason." I stuttered out. "My, Jason, how old are you?"

He then asked. "S-six." I answered quickly.

"Hmm what should we do with him boys?" Rob asked his friends. 

"Leave Jason alone. He's just a kid!" Alex yelled out. 




"Luis." Rob yelled out. I saw another guy walk up to Alex 

and knocked him out cold. "Alex!" I yelled out. What am I

gonna do now? My brother's out cold and theirs 6 men

around me. Who knows what they're gonna do to me. 

"Listen Jason. If you ever tell anybody what happened.

We'll come back to shoot you and your brother." Rob threatened.

By the sound of his voice you know he meant it. I nodded.

He dropped me on the floor and chuckled. "Bye Jason." 

He waved off and left. That was the last time I saw those men.



-5 years later-


"Jason. Alex." Huxbee called out from the living room. I walked in behind Alex.

There was about 12 other men in the room. 

"Listen boys. It's time to tell you about this corrupt government we have." 

Huxbee started. "This country has been high jacked by profiteers." I had a 

feeling he was gonna rant on and on about this stupid government

we have. "Wall St., giant corporations, have a license 

to steal at our expense." Some of the guys yelled out. "True."

"Their credit cards,, keep us in dept." He added. "That's it." 

A guy commented. "Our mortgages, leverage the future of our family."

he looked around the room. I didn't say anything. I just listened.



"I say we stop playing their game." Huxbee yelled out. I'm guessing 

to get the point across? "I say we stop paying our taxes. Let them

pay for their failures." he added. I joined the rest of the men that were agreeing with him.

"I say we cut our license, I.D., Social Security. They can't control

you if they can't find you." He chuckled. "I'm sure some of you are saying, 'Come

on Huxbee can't you reason with them? Change the system through the inside?'

Brother Ralph went down that road and where is he now?" He asked.

"In jail." Some of the guys answered him. "He got taken away for driving

his own car down a road without a license." He explained. "Ralph was 

no criminal. He's a descent man. He took me and my brother when

we didn't have anybody. Now the government took him away from us." 

I spoke out. Everyone in the room turned back to look at me.

"Why? Because he decided to live like an American." he nagged.


Right then and there the police broke into our home. "Las Vegas Police."

A guy called out showing his badge. "I need everybody to stand and let me see your hands."

he ordered. "Have no resistance brothers." Huxbee yelled out. With

that said and done. Everything flashed before my eyes. They started

attacking LVPD. I just watched it all go down. Alex wanted to join but knew better.

They took us down to the station. They had us there for 4 hours.

They ended up locking up Huxbee, They tried sending Alex and I 

to another foster home but this guy who used to be

good friends with Ralph said he'd be our guardian.

The police didn't wanna argue anymore so they let us go.



-10 years later-



"Jason did you place the bombs by the gate?" Alex asked by the living room door.

"Yeah they're ready whenever you're ready." I answered dully sitting on the couch.

"What's wrong Jase?" Alex asked sitting next to me.

"Do you not know what today is?" I asked him. He has to know what today is.

He can't really forget can he? I know I didn't. "Yeaah." He answered.

I looked up at him. "What's today?" I asked him. "The day those fuckers

killed our parents." He sighed. "Jason I want you to stop thinking about it.

That happened 10 years ago." He grabbed on to my shoulder. 


"I can't easily move on Alex. They killed them right in front of our eyes.

Plus that asshole knocked you out. I was freaking out," I rubbed

my temples. "I understand Jase. You were 6 years old. 

I would've handled it the same way you did if I was

in your shoes. But you gotta stop blaming yourself." He sent me

a sympathetic smile. He got up and rubbed my head messing up

my hair. I groaned. He just laughed and walked away. I 

flipped my hair back to it's original place. 


"Get ready Jason. We have to get back Nick Stokes for taking

Ralph and Huxbee to custody." Alex called out from the hallway.

I got up from the couch and grabbed my gun and walked out the living room.

"Go wait in the car." He ordered. I nodded and walked out the warehouse

and into the maroon van. I got in the back and opened the lap top.

I looked through the calculations. I'm sure that the plan will work.

Alex got into the van with Roger up front. "You ready Jason?"

They asked me. I nodded. "Yeah let's go kill that fucker." I smirked.

Nobody fucks with Jason McCann.


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