After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


8. zayn

Annas P.O.V:


the next morning i woke up an dput on this:

i walked down stairs, no one was up yet i sat at the bar with my bowl of cereal and started to eat it when harry walked in. "hey harry" "hey" "sam still asleep" "yeah". harry joined me at the bar and ate his pancakes. "so i saw you and zayn last night " i froze and looked him in the eye,"what" "yeah dont worry i wont tell anyone" i breathed "thank you". we sat in silence till louis and niall came in, "morining love" he said as he kissed my check" "morning dad" "i will never get tierd of hearing that" he said with a smile. next sammy came down, "hey sam" i said as she hopped in my lap, "you eat your breakfast and we will go to the mall with your uncle lou's credit card" i looked at him. "here take mine i adopted her anyway" said harry, "wow harrys actully being a father" we all turned to see laim standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "shut up liam" "haha just messing with ya". me and sammy walked upstairs and i ran sammys bath and shut the door. then i bumped into zay "hey" "hey" he sounded upset god i hope what happened last night didnt make things diffrent between us. "whats wrong" "um what if lou found out about us and what happend last night" "he wont harry was the only one that saw it and i made him swear not to tell anyone" zayn started to relax. "so where is everyone" "down stairs making breakfast" "so no one will see me do this" and then he kissed me, i didnt stop it either until i heard sammy call me, "let me go check on her" "alright" he gave me a quick peak on the lips and left. what does this mean are we toughether or what. i walked in and got sammy ready i put her in this:

then we made our way down stairs and grabbed louis car keys and grabbed harrys credit card and left i pulled out my phone and texted zayn when we got to the mall. (z-zayn a-anna)

a- we need to talk

z- yeah

a- what are we

z- what do you mean

a- are we together

z- i dont know do you want to be

a- yeah but what about louis

z- he doesnt have to finnd out

a- so we will be like romeo and juliet

z- like that ended well

a- lol well i have to go

z- love you

i didnt know if i should respond or not so i decided to

a- love you too

i walked into the mall and me and sammy went to some place called the gap for kids she shopped just as much as i did. we went to the food court and sat down and ate. "do you like uncle zayn" "wha"t "i saw you guys kissing" oh god. "yes you cant tell anyone though ok" "i wont you promised you would come back for me and you did so i wont tell anyone". we walked out to the car i put sammy in the back and the bags in the trunk. i turned around and there stood zack.

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