After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


12. your what!?

as soon as i heard the words i ran to my room and locked the door as the boys started banging on the door. i called perrie.


a- perrie please come please

i could barley get a word out

p- anna whats wrong

a- sammys dead

p- ill be over in 5 just stay on the phone

i  hung up and i stood up and started to break stuff this had happend once and that lead to me trying to kill myself. it was when child services came to get me after my parents had died in a car crash or whatever the hell happened to them i think they just left me. then perrie knocked on my door i dragged her in and locked the door i hugged her and cried she just hugged me and stared at my room the boys already explained to her what happened then i told her my secret i hade kept from everyone. "i need to go to the bathroom" i ran to the bath room as perrie ran after me but i locked the door this time i was going to do it iwas going to kill myself.

Perries P.O.V:

i got a call at midnight from anna telling me sammy was dead i rushed over where the boys told me everything. i ran to annas room she dragged me in and locked the door i hugged her while i looked around at her room then she told me something i will not forget."zayn and i slept thoughether" i knew what she was talking about. then she ran to the bathroom i knew what she was about to do i ran after her to try to stop her but she was to fast. i ran down stairs "ANNAS GOING TO KILL HERSELF!!" i screamed we all ran upstairs and started to bang on the door.

Annas P.O.V:

i remembered i hadnt had my period in over 2 weeks oh god. i grabbed a pregnacy test i guess it was there for perrie, i took the test and looked at the sign. it was a positive. i stood with my hand over my mouth and held the test as the bust opened up.

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