After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


9. the club

"god what do you want" i said as i pushed him away, "hey thats no way to talk to a friend`" "a friend dosent kiss you like that after they go to a movie i need to go i have sammy in the car and i have to leave" i turned back to the bags i started to put them in trunk  when he grabbed my wrist. "ow stop it" "look im not what you think i am i know what zayn told you he hates me thats the only reason he told you that" he let go turned around ansd sighed running his fingers through his hair i texted zayn- help zacks here- i quickly put my phone away as he turned around. "im sorry ok" then zayns car pulled up beside mine, "oi zack get away from her" "why should i" "so i wont beat the shit out of you" "whatever man". he walked off and zayn turned to me "you ok" "yeah thanks" he got in his car and left i got in mine and followed him back. he helped me in with the bags and i put sammy in her bed so she could take a nap. i walked down stairs and i sat between zayn and louis. "why dont we go to the club" isaid " what about sammy" asked liam "i can take her to my moms" said harry. "ok ill  go get ready" i took a shower and did my hair and makeup this is what i wore:

i walked down stairs and all the boys mouths dropped open then sammy spoke up "you look like a princess" "thank you sammy" "ill take her to my moms and meet you all at the club". we all went to the car i sat in the back with zayn and louis drove. then we pulled up at the club. there were screaming girls everywhere zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me into the club. i order a beer while the guys order tropical drinks, when we started to drink i could tell someone had put to much  alcohol in harrys because he started to talk about random things. "hey lou did you know that zayn and your daught where making out upstairs last night" i froze and looked at zayn. "you must be really drunk hazza" he said laughing i felt relived that lou didnt belive him. "im going to the bathroom zayn can you go get me another beer"the bathroom and the bar were on the same wall as the back door we walked back there to talk. but instead we just ended up making out but we had to go back in. i grabbed an empty beer bottle so they would think i was up there drinking. finally we hade to go home sammy was going to stay with harrys mom for the night so we wouldnt have to wake her up at 4 in the morning. i crawled into bed and went to sleep.

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