After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


11. sammys gone

right as we started to drive away i remember sammy zayn turned around and we drove back to the house i climed back into my room so they wouldnt suspect anything. "im going to get sammy i said about to walk out the door i turned and saw them with tears in there eyes "what wrong". then zayn walked in with tears in his eyes. "can someone please tell me what the hell is going on" i yelled , lou patted the spot next to him i sat down. "anna sammy and harrys mom were on thier way here to drop um sammy off and a drunk driver hit thier car on sammys side and umm..." his voice trailed off. "is sammy ok" he looked at me and said "sammys dead".

im sorry for the short chapter but i wanted to leave you in suspense i am crying writing this like really but yeah and if you have time please go check out my new movella "my one and only" if you havnt already love you all!!!

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