After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


7. sammy

"oh my god sammy" bi managed through the tears, "anna i missed you" i looked up at louis. i ran to him and jumped in his arms,"thank you so much lou" i managed through the tears. "dont thank me it was zayns idea" i looked at zayn who hade a huge smile on his face, i walked over to him still crying and hugged him. then i noticed something, "wheres perrie" zayn bit his bottom lip looked down and sighed, "um we broke up" i was shoked, "oh my god im so sorry" "dont be i was the one who broke it off". thats when i remembered sammy i walked to her and picked her up, "so she can stay in my room and ill just sleep on the couch tonight" "you wont have to because she will take one of the guest rooms that we made specile for her" we walked up the stairs to the bedroom next to mine and opened the door to na bedroom that was so sammy. she hopped out of my arms and started to play "this was also zayns doing" said lou i turned around and huged him agian, this time i didnt pull away just hugged him. "ok hands of my daughter" "lou really" "yes really, now you and sammy go wash up for bed its way past sammys bedtime". i took sammy to our bathroom and washed her up and slid on her pjs next i got ready and we brushed our teeth. i walked her to her room and tucked her in. i walked out and went to zayns room to thank him, i knocked on the door and he opened up. "hey whats up" "nothing just wanted to thank you for getting sammy back for me" "no big deal harry was the one that adopted her" "i thought it was your idea" "yeah but harry wanted to adopt her" "thats a shock" "yeah....i saw you and zack tonight".Shit."oh you did" "yeah dont worry i wont tell lou but his bad news" "and how so" "look he hooks up with other girls gets them  pregnat and leaves ok i dont want to see that happen to you". i just stood there i couldnt belive it. "dont worry i dont plan on hanging out with him agian" "good". we stood there i was looking into his eyes and he looked into mine, then he started to get closer. the next thing i knew our lips had smashed thougether. i finally pulled apart and looked back into his eyes. i smiled up at him and he returned it, "i have to go now bye" "bye". i walked to my room and climed in the bed i hade a huge smile on my face and then i went to sleep.


sorry it was so short i am in a rush so i will add another chapter tonight if i can im trying to make up for lost time but i hope you like the story so far :)

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