After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


14. finding out

Louis P.O.V:

i heard talking and a slamming door then perrie ran down stairs "ANNAS GOING TO...." that was enough for me to hear before i was at the door trying to bust in then i heard a gasp. i ran and finally got in to see anna holding a pregnacy test with her mouth covered. i grabbed it and looked at it. it had a positive sign on it. i knew exactully who the father was "ZAYN IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU" i shouted he ran but i was right behind him. liam and harry were right on my heels they tackled me and held me down. by now i had tears in my eyes from my anger i ws going to beat the shit out of him. "zayn i think you should go" said harry. zayn was out the door in a matter of minets. the guys let me up and i ran upstairs to niall trying to hold her off the floor and perrie rubbing her back. they backed up. she ran into my arms and all i could do was hold her. "im sorry lou" she finally said "no im sorry i shouldnt have let you and zayn get that close" "but you didnt know" "harry told me". i took her to the other guest room and put her in that bed. "ill stay in here mate you go get some rest" i turned to see niall int he doorway. "yeah thanks" i walked out to my room and drifted in and out of sleep.

nialls P.O.V:

god zayn your so stuid you pissed of louis to the point where he had tears in his eyes from the anger and you just destroyed annas life right after losing sammy at that. i just hope he stays away from her and lou.

Annas P.O.V:

i woke up to niall in the chair in the other guest bedroom and thats when what happend last night came back i woke up niall and asked him if he wanted to go get breakfast. we walked down stairs and everyone was up and in the kitchen except for zayn. "wheres zayn" "i told him to leave" i smiled i didnt want to see zayn for a while. i pulled louis into the library and hugged him "im so sorry anna" "its not your fault it was a stupid choice i made and im going to live with it" we walked back out and i ran to go get a shower. i had a feeling zayn wasnt going to be coming back anytime soon i dont know how im going to get through this i know i have my dad,harry,niall,liam, and of corse perrie. they were the people i know would help me. who would have thought a orphan like me would and up with an amazing family. im really glad that i was adopted.

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