After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


13. A/N!!!

ok hey guys so yeah that last chapter was bad sorry i had writers block i know what you all are thinking what the hell theres not a chapter in there where they do it but yeah thats because it happended after the clud chapter and i wanted to leave you to guess how it might have went (srry we pervertied people :) ) so yeah theres that and your probley not going to care but my 7 year old cousin just walked in and read the chapter and said i quote "zayn you love sick moron that was harrys job" yes she is 7 years old. well hope you enjoyed but guy im only going to do 12 more chapters i know you are all crying right know ;) but chapter 15-24 will be a month in annas pregnacy so yeah sorry for the long a/n but i had to get it out there and im thinking about diong a sequal so comment if you want a sequal and favriot cause its about to get intense love you guys bye!!

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