After being adopted by louis tomlinson of one direction anna is living in the lap of luxary, but what happens when she falls for one of the guys and they fill the same way. guess you will haver to read to find out........


1. meeting louis

Anna's P.O.V:

"Anna?" "Hmm" "Can I sleep with you i had a bad dream". i looked into the teary eyes of my room mate sammy, this was the third time this week she had had the dream about her parents. "sure" i said with a smile, she jumped in the bed with me and snuggled up close to me, she was like a little sister to me. i looked at the clock beside my bed, 4:30 am. no use in going back to sleep. sammy was my room mate and was only 7 i was 17, i couldnt wait to turn 19 so i could get out of here and adopted sammy. she was the only thing i carred about after my parents died in a car crash. she was my world and i didnt want to leave her. about 3 hour passed by 7:30. i woke uo sammy and told her to make her bed. she got up and walked over to her bed, turned to my bed and made it in no time. i turned around and saw sammy in her bed, i was going to let her sleep until i got done getting ready. i went to the bathroom and took a shower, i got out and rapped a towel around my hair then i got ready, i put on my white shorts and a black flowy tank, i put on my black toms. i brushed my hair and put it into a messy bun and put on some make-up on since i didnt have work today i decided to spend the day with sammy. once i was done i walked to mine and sammy's room she had already made her bed and got dressed in one of her sun dresses and sandles. "well dont you look adoruble" she just smiled thats when i remembered she had lost a tooth that night. "um sammy go brush your teeth ok "ok anna" i watched her skip out of the room i ran to her pillow and grabbed her tooth and ran to my purse and pulled out a dollar i put it under her pillow just in time cuase she came bouncing in. "sammy i think the tooth fairy left you something" i said with a smile, she ran to her pillow and pulled out a 1 dollar bill. the smile on her face was priceless, then miss hogan came one the intercom and said "all girls 7 to 18 report to the living area". i picked up sammy and ran down srairs with her, since i took care of sammy 24/7 i didnt really have any friends so it was just me and sammy i went and sat in the corner with her in my lap while she played with her doll i got her for christmas. "alright girls we have a specile guest coming in so make them fill welcomed" then 5 boys walked through the door. one and tatoos all down he's arm and he had messy hair. i couldnt see the otherws but i guess it didnt matter since he was the only one adopting. he went around the room and talked to all the girl by the time he got to us sammy had gone back to sleep. he smiled at the sight on sammy but directed his attention to my "hi im louis" "anna" "whos this cutie". by now sammy was awake and smiled at him " im sammy" "im louis" me and him had a small conversation and he walke doff to talk to the other boys.then miss hogen called my name i stood up holding sammy in my arms and walked over to them. "anna louis here would like to adopt you" my smile faded, "what about sammy" "what about her" "is she coming". i looked over at the boys "im sorry anna sammy will have to stay here" my mouth fell open sammy started to cry. "we will go fill out the paper work while you say good bye and pack your things" and miss hogan led them to her office i walked slowly up the stairs with sammy still crying i sat her on my bed and packed everthing i had. the boys walked in i leaned down to hug sammy as i pulled away she cried out "anna dont leave me "i have to baby girl" "no anna pkease i love you". by now i was in tears, " sammy baby i need you to be strong for me ok as soon as i turn 19 i will come back and get you" "promise" "i promise". i pulled her in for a hug and then let go "i love you anna" "i love you too". i walked out of the room still hearing sammy whimper i walked out to the car still cring as one of thenm took my bag and put it in the back. i got in the back and sat down in the 8 seated car the rest of the boys climed in as louis climed in the back with me. i know i had too be strong for sammy so i smiled as he told me everyones names "the one driving is liam the one in the passenger seat is harry,,this is niall and that is zayn". hi was all i could say, the drive was only 30 minets longthen we pulled up to a manshion. my mouth fell open, they laught at me as we walked up to the door and then i saw how big it really was.

a/n: sorry it was so boring guys (and long) but i hoped you enjoyed it i will try to update soon please no hate this is my first story:)!!

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