Love at first .....concert?

This is a love story about One Direction.What will happen one day at a meet and greet. Will some one find true love?


1. Gabriella Redwood

Hi, I'm Gabriella Redwood but everyone calls me gabby.I am 23.I live with my best friends(more like sisters),Allison Balson, Raelynn Zelinski, Jessica Maywheather, and Hailie Easly.We live in London,England ,it's now winter and we've lived here for a month and lit me tell you it's damn cold up here. We work at Nandos during the day and a bar called "estatic" at night. I am a waiter at Nandos and Estatic along with Raelynn and Allison. Hailie and Jessica cook at both places. But we sometimes sing on kareoke night at estatic and at around town, no pay,concerts.All my family died, at a family reunion because of a fire, when i was twelve. And this is my story of how i meet One direction.  


                 ***;) A.N. Hope you like it. It's my fist one so please not alot of hate. ;)***

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