Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


2. This Feels Like Falling In Love

   I stood infront of the mirror looking at myself in a beautiful white dress.

"You look great Dalis." Eleanor said next to me wearing a long red gown.


I tuned around to see Danielle at the door wearing the same red gown as Eleanor.


"Someone wants to speak to you." She said as Niall walked in the door wearing a suit. 

"We'll give you guys some time alone." Eleanor said walking out with Danielle.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked 

"Don't Marry Harry." Niall whispered.

"But I love him." I said 

"But you love me too Dalis." Niall said walking closer to me.

"I do love you Niall." I whispered. 

"Then don't marry him." Niall said leaning down pressing his lips to mine.

I opened my eyes and jumped up. I turned to see Harry peacefully sleeping next to me. Luckily I didn't wake him up.

I slowly and quietly climbed out of bed and left the room. I walked over to this litlle door and went up these stairs to the rooftop. I stood by the ledge and looked over the city.        

"What are you doing up here?" 

I turned around to see Zayn standing behind me. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked back. 

Zayn smiled, "Came out for a smoke." 

He walked over and stood right next, "So what is going on Dalis?"

"Well I just have a lot on my mind." I sighed, "Niall hasn't talked to me in weeks ever since Harry and I got together and it bugs me because I never wanted to hurt him." 

"Well if Niall won't talk to you maybe you should try and talk to him." Zayn said rubbing my back

"I guess I can try it." I sighed.

"I'm going to go to bed." Zayn said putting out his cigarette. 

"Goodnight." I smiled. 

Zayn kissed my cheek,"If you need anything just let me know."

"I will."

Zayn left and I stood ther just thinking about what Zayn said. Maybe I should be the one that talks to Niall first. But what if it goes wrong? What if it makes everything worse? A huge breeze came and it got really cold.


I turned around to see my boyfriend standing there with his bedhead. 

"Hey." I smiled.

He walked closer to me,"What are you doing out here?" 

"I couldn't sleep so I came out to get some air."

Harry but his hands on my shoulders,"Let's go back to bed." 

I nodded my head and grabbed his hand. All of a sudden it started pouring down rain.


He turned around

"Kiss me." I smiled. 

Harry looked down at me with the biggest smile on his face. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I jumped up and wrapped both my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss. We stayed like that just kissing in the rain. 


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