Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


9. The Reason I Hold On....

Dalis P.O.V 

   I woke up the next morning, eyes hurting from all the crying I did. I just layed there in my bed with no motivation to get up. I just hugged Tim the Tiger and layed there in my bed. 

   I layed there for about an hour until someone came into the room. 

"Dalis?" The voice whispered my name. 

I turned my body to see Liam standing in the room carrying a plate of food. 

"I brought you some food." Liam said coming closer to me.

"Thanks." I whispered,"But, i'm really not that hungry." 

Liam sighed,"Well, you need to eat something." 

I nodded my head and slowly began eating. As, I ate I felt so disgusted with myself. 

"Dalis, i'm really sorry, i feel like everything that happened last night was my fault, I'm really sorry." Liam whispered.

I shook my head,"It's not your fault." 

Liam looked down at the ground and nodded his head before leaving the room. 

As soon as he left, i went into the bathroom and threw the plate of food into the garbage. I went over to the sick and splashed some water on my face and looked into the mirror. As I looked into the mirror, I just hated myself. I slowly walked over to the toilet and lifted up the seat and kneeled down infront of it. I opened my mouth and put my finger into my mouth and all the food I just ate was gone. 

I walked back over to the sink and brushed my teeth to get rid of the puke breath. I decided to take a quick shower. After the shower I went into the empty room to change. 

*Dalis Outfit

When I finished changing someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," I yelled. 

Sereen walked in and looked at me, "We are at the hotel." 

I didn't even realize the bus stopped.

I smiled and nodded my head, "Thanks." 

I walked over and grabbed my suite-case and grabbed Tim the Tiger off my bed and walked off the bus. 

Sereen and all the boys were outside. 

"There you are Dalis." Paul said to me.

I walked over looking down at the ground avoiding the boys eyes. I went and stood next to Zayn. 

"Okay, now that Dalis is out here," Paul started,"Room assignments. Liam and Louis have a room together. Zayn and Ni-" 

"Actually, Dalis and I are going to switch rooms." Zayn cut it.

I looked up at him. 

"Alright." Paul nodded his head, "That's alright."

"I guess, I'm with you mate." Zayn said to Harry. 

Paul handed us our room keys and we all walked inside and Zayn and I walked together.

"Why'd you do that?" I whispered to Zayn.

"What?" Zayn whispered back.

"I have to share a room with Niall." 

"I would have shared with you Dalis but that means Niall and Harry would have had a room together." Zayn said.

Niall and I walked to our room and Niall unlocked the door. I went over to one of the beds and put Tim the Tiger on it.

"Dalis." Niall said sitting on his bed.

I shook my head,"Not right now Niall." 

He nodded his head and looked down at the ground. 

Nialls phone rang.

"Hello." He said 

I walked over and put my suitcase into the closet as he talked on the phone.

"Dalis." Niall said,"We got to go to the Venue."

I nodded my head and we walked out to the lobby to meet everyone. 

We got to the Venue and rehearsed. After rehearsals we all got to just sit around and relax until the show. 

I was sitting down on a couch with Zayn when I looked over and saw Sereen and Niall laughing in the corner. I turned my head to the other side of the room to see Louis, Harry, and Liam standing together. I saw Harry look at me with sad eyes. 

"Zayn." I whispered looking down at the silver airplane hanging from my neck/

"Dalis." Zayn whispered back. 

I slowly took the beautiful necklace off my neck and handed it to Zayn, "Can you please give this back to Harry for me." 

Zayn looked at me and nodded his head. 

I got off from the couch and left the room. I went over to this small door and went up these stairs that led up to the room. There were chairs so I went and sat on one. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as a I felt the beautiful breeze coming through. 

"Dalis." Someone said behind me.

I turned around to see Louis standing there with his hands in his pockets. He slowly walked over and sat down on a chair next to me. 

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I held in the tears and nodded my head,"Yeah." I lied.

He shook his head and put his hand on my leg,"You don't seem like it." 

Tears came out of my eyes,"I'm okay when nobody asks me about." I said wiping away my tears. 

Louis just looked at me with a sad face. I began crying really hard. Louis got out of his seat and walked over and hugged me while I cried. 

"I hate seeing you like this." He whispered.

I pulled away from his arms and wiped all my tears,"I'll be alright." 

I stood up and Louis wrapped one of his arms over my shoulder and we walked back inside. 

"Guys we need to eat now before the show." Niall said as we walked into the room. 

Louis and I walked over to a little table and sat with Zayn. Niall, Harry, and Liam sitting in another table next to us. 

The catering lady came and put a plate of food infront of each of us. 

"I'm not hungry." I said looking down at my plate. 

"Dalis, we can't perform on an empty stomach." Louis said.

I grabbed my fork and slowly ate the food that was on the plate.

"I'm full." I said.

"Already?" Zayn said looking at my plate.

I nodded my head and got up from the table and went into my little dressing room and grabbed some toothpaste and my tooth brush. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door and got rid of all the food I just ate like I did this morning. I brushed my teeth to get rid of the puke breath. 

Three hours later I was about to get on stage my stomach grumbling from being hungry. 

I was singing my last song of the night.

"Not really sure how to feel about it 

Something in the way you move.

Makes me feel like I can't live without you,

It takes me all the way.

I want you to Stay." 

I sang the song I wrote about Zayn while I was in rehab but thought about Harry as I sang. 

"Ohhhhh the reason I hold on." 

I cried into the microphone as I sang. 

"We Love You Dalis!" 


"I Love You!"

"Don't Cry!" 

Fans yelled as I sang. 

"Ohhhhh 'cause I need this hole gone." 

I cried.

"Funny you're the broken one 

But i'm the only one who needed saving." 

I closed my eyes and pictured Harry. 





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