Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


4. Talking About Feelings......

  "Babe," I said looking down at my boyfriend laying down on the bed,"I'm bored." 

Harry just laid there on the bed not saying anything. I sat down on him and he put his hands on my hips looking up at me smiling. 

"Entertain me." I said leaning down to kiss him.

"Babe, i'm too tired." He whispered.

I started kissing his neck,"Please." 

"Maybe later." 

"Fine." I said.

I climbed off him and walked out of the room. I was walking down the hallway when I heard someone playing the guitar. 

"Give a little time to me,or burn this out.

We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around.

All I want is the taste that your lips allow."

I looked around to see if I could figure out where it was coming from when I saw a door that was a little opened I walked over and looked inside. 

Niall was sitting there playing the guitar and singing Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, one of my favorite songs. 

Niall stopped playing and turned around and looked at me. 

"Hey Niall." I smiled.

"Hi." He whispered looking away from me. 

I walked into the room closing the door.

"Niall?" I sat down on a chair,"Can we please talk?" 

"About?" He asked still not looking at me.

"I miss you." I whispered.

"Why?" He asked laughing,"You have Harry." He said standing up from where he was sitting.

"Doesn't mean I don't miss you." I stood up walking closer to him,"I know that I hurt you Niall, and I'm so sorry." 

He shook his head,"We don't have to talk about this." 

"Yes we do." I said crying,"Niall I hate that you won't even talk to me anymore." 

"And I hate that you broke my heart again!" He yelled, "For Harry!" 

I stood there crying,"I hate that I broke your heart for Harry too Niall." 

"Do you love him?" Niall asked.

I nodded my head,"Yes I Do." 

"But you love me too." Niall said,"I can tell just by the way you look at me that you love me too." 

"I do love you Niall." I whispered,"I'm not going to deny it." 

"Then why did you choose Harry over me?" He whispered.

I shook my head not knowing what to say.

"See, you don't even know why." Niall said.

"What's going on in here?" 

Niall and I both turned around to see Liam standing in the door way. 

"I was just leaving." I said wiping away my tears and walking out of the room. 

Niall P.O.V

Dalis walked out of the room and I went and sat down on my bed.

"What was that about?" Liam asked

"She finally admitted how she feels about me." I said looking up at him. 

"And?" Liam asked

"She loves me." I said smiling a little.

"Mate, She is with Harry." Liam said. 

"Trust me, I know. But I'm not going to give up. Dalis loves me." I said looking down at the ground.

Dalis P.O.V

I walked back into my and Harry's room to see that it was empty. I just sat down on the bed. Why couldn't I answer Nialls question? What were my reasons for choosing Harry over him? I shook away my thoughts, I love Harry and I wasn't going to ruin what him and I had.  

Harry P.O.V 

I was on the rooftop looking at the beautiful view. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone that kept vibrating.

It was another text from Taylor. 

I sighed and it my phone back into my pocket and decided to go back to the room.

I opened the door and Dalis jumped into my arms.

"Wow." I smiled,"You're excited to see me." 

She smiled and kissed me,"I thought you were tired." 

"I was, but after you left I couldn't sleep." 

"Oh really?" She asked,"So now can you entertain me?" She asked kissing my cheek.

"I'd love too. But I need to shower." 

Dalis got out of my arms and folded her arms,"Fine then Styles." 

"Tonight." I smiled,"I promise." I said kissing her forehead.

Dalis P.O.V

Harry put his phone on the night stand and walked into the shower. 

I just layed down staring up at the ceiling. I looked over at Harry's phone on the nightstand and leaned over and grabbed it. 

It was un-locked so I decided that I can text Zayn off it. I went into Harry's messages so I could text Zayn when I saw a ton of messages from Taylor. 

Taylor: *Harry, can we please just talk.

Harry: *About what Taylor?

Taylor:*Everything that happened between us.

Harry:*I don't know Taylor, i'll think about it.

He'll think about it?! 

Taylor: * I just miss you so much, and i'm willing to forgive you for cheating on me with Dalis. I know that it was probably a mistake. 

I put the phone back onto the nightstand. I was shocked. I heard the shower turn off and Harry walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I turned and looked at him. He smiled and walked over to me.

"Forget about tonight." Harry said bending down and kissing my neck,"If you want I can entertain you right now." He whispered into my neck.

I shook my head and he looked up at me.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking concerned. 

I just stood up and walked out of the room. When I walked out I bumped into Louis. 

"Whoa Dalis," Louis said,"You in a hurry." He laughed.

I shook my head,"Shut-up Louis." 

"What's wrong?" He asked. 

"Taylor has been texting Harry wanting to get back with him." I sighed.

"And how do you know this?" Louis asked.

"I saw the text messages." I responded.

"Does Harry know you saw this text messages?" 

"Of course not Louis." I said.

"So you were snooping." Louis said. 

"So not the point right now!" I yelled. 

"Dalis." I turned around to see Harry walking towards Louis and I wearing clothes now. 

I shook my head and walked down the hallway before Harry came closer. I saw Zayn walking out of his room. 

"Zayn!" I yelled running up to him. 

"Hey Monroe." Zayn smiled 

I turned around to see Louis talking to Harry, "Let's go somewhere." I said grabbing Zayn's arm dragging him away. 

We walked out of the hotel and walked over to a cab.

"Where are we going exactly?" Zayn asked.

"I'm not sure." I responded getting into the cab.

Zayn smiled and shook his head getting into the cab.

The cab stopped at this McDonald's and Zayn and I got out of the cab.

"Dalis we already ate a couple hours ago." Zayn said.

I nodded my head, "I know, but I need comfort food." 

"We have a show in a couple hours Dalis." Zayn said,"This is not a good idea." 

I ignored him and walked inside and ordered myself some food. 

Zayn and I sat down at a table while I ate.

"Chicken Nugget?" I asked pushing them towards Zayn. 

"No thanks." He smiled,"Dalis what's wrong?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked putting some fries into my mouth. 

"You eat when you're upset about something." Zayn said. 

"Okay." I sighed, "I was looking through Harry's phone while he was in the shower." 

"Dalis." Zayn said shaking his head.

"I know, I shouldn't have done that." I said,"But if I didn't that I wouldn't have found out that Taylor has been texting him." 

"Texting him about what?" 

"She is trying to get back with him." I stuffed my face with more fries,"She is going to steal my boyfriend!" 

"No she isn't." Zayn said. 

He grabbed my fries and chicken nuggets and threw them in the garbage.

"Hey!" I yelled, "I was eating that." 

"We have to go get ready for the show. And you're going to talk to Harry" Zayn said grabbing my hand and leading me out the door to the cab.





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