Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


10. Push A Button And Rewind

  "You Won't Find Him Drinking At The Table 

Rolling Dice and Staying Out Till' 3

You Won't Ever Find Him Be Unfaithful 

You Will Find Him,  

You'll Find Him Next To Me."

I was at the Piano singing one of my favorite songs Next To Me, By Emeli Sande. The crowd was screaming and singing along 

"When the Skies Are Grey And All The Doors Are Closing

And The Rising Pressure Makes It Hard To Breathe

When All I Need's A Hand To Stop The Tears From Falling 

I Will Find Him,

I Will Find Him Next To Me."  

I finished the song and waved goodbye to the crowd and got off the stage as the boys were getting on.  

I went and sat down and watched the boys perform. I tried my best not to look at Harry, but it was hard. 

"If You're Pretending From The Start Like This, 

With A Tight Grip , Then My Kiss

Can Mend Your Broken Heart

I Might Miss Everything You Said To Me."  

I closed my eyes and listened to the boys sing one of my favorite songs. 

"Poor Harry." Lou said next to me.

I opened my eyes and looked over at her. 


"We Love You!" 

Fans Screamed Behind Me. 

"Is Harry Crying?" Sereen said. 

"And I Can Lend Your Broken Parts 

That Might Fit Like This 

And I Will Give You All My Heart

So We Can Start It All Over Again." 

I looked up on stage to see Harry sitting on the stage his eyes were all red and looked like he was crying as he sang. 

"Can We Take The Same Road Two Days In The Same Clothes 

And I Know Just What She'll Say If I Make All This Pain Go.

Can We Stop This For A Minute.

You Know, I Can Tell That You're Heart Isn't In It Or With It. "

Harry cried into the microphone as he sang. 

"Don't Cry Harry!"

"I Love You So Freaking Much!" 

"Harry's Crying!"

Fans Screamed. 

I shook my head and walked away to go to my dressing room. I couldn't handle it anymore. 

I walked into the dressing room when Sereen came in.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Just Fine." I responded not looking at her. 

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked.

"I really just want to be alone." I said turning around to look at her.

"Alright then." She whispered.

I turned back around.

"Aww, this is cute." Sereen said,"Didn't Harry win this for you?"

I turned back around to see her holding Tim the Tiger.

"Hey!" I said walking towards her,"Don't Touch Him." 

I grabbed the stuffed Tiger away from her and hugged it. She looked down at the ground her face red. 

I immediately felt like a jerk. 

"Sereen." I whispered.

She didn't say anything, just walked out the door. I sat Tim down on a chair. As I walked over to the mirror and looked into it.

What's Wrong With Me?

Why Do I Push All These People Away?

I'm Just Worthless.

Everybody Would Just Be Better Off Without Me. 

All those thoughts were running through my head as I looked into the mirror at myself. 

I grabbed a perfume bottle from the table and angrily through it at the wall. I just grabbed everything and through it. I trashed my entire dressing room.

I finally collapsed on the ground and began to cry. 

"Wish We Could Be Alone Now

If We Could Find Some Place To Hide

Make The Last Time 

Just Like The First Time 

Push A Button And Rewind."

I heard Louis singing in the distance, and fans screaming. I wiped away my tears and got up from the floor. I was walking out the door when one of the cleaning guys got infront of me.

"Some-one was having a rock star moment in here." He said coming into my dressing room.

"I'm so sorry." I said embarrassed. 

He laughed, "It's alright miss. Having a bad day?" 

"More like bad year." I said.

"I have something that could make you happier maybe." He whispered.

He looked around to make sure nobody was coming.  He reached into his pocket and reached over and put something in my hand.

I opened my hand and saw something that looked like a cigarette but it was no way a cigarette.

I knew exactly what it was.

"I can't take this." I said trying to hand it back to him.

He put his hand up refusing to take it back. "Take it." 

I looked at it and put it in my pocket.

"I got a lighter right here, you can smoke it right now if you want." He said reaching into his pocket again.

"Thanks." I said taking the lighter out of his hand.

He smiled and nodded his head. 

I walked out of the dressing room and walked down the hallway to the little door that led to one of my favorite places where I go to think and clear my head. 

When I got onto the rooftop I reached into my pocket and pulled out my lovely present from the cleaning guy. 

I looked at it and took a deep breathe before I lit it up. 

I closed my eyes and blew out the Marijuana smoke. 





















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