Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


14. I Really Wanna Love Somebody

     Harry P.O.V 

I woke up the next morning with a small headache. So, my hangover wasn't bad. I sat up on my bed and rubbed my tired eyes. The only thing i had on was the pants i was wearing the night before. 

I walked out of my room and walked 3 rooms down on knocked on the door. 

"Dalis." I said as I knocked.

No answer. 

Maybe she was already awake and was just in the lobby eating breakfast. I walked down to he end of the hallway into the little lobby. Sereen, Louis, and Liam were sitting at the table eating breakfast. 

"Morning Harry." Sereen smiled. 

"Morning." I yawned, "Where's Dalis?" I asked.

"She is probably still asleep Haz." Liam said taking a sip of his orange juice.

I shook my head,"I just went and knocked on her door and she didn't answer it." 

"Well, I don't know where she is." Sereen said. 

Niall P.O.V 

"Wake up." I heard her  whisper in my ear. 

I kept my eyes closed. I felt her kisses on my cheek.

"Niall," She whispered again, "you gotta wake up." 

"I don't want to." I mumbled. 

"You don't want breakfast." She whispered.

My eyes shot open.

"That's what I thought." Dalis laughed.

Dalis had a white sheet wrapped around her body and she was laying on my bare chest. 

"Morning." I whispered as I put my hands on her sides.

"Goodmorning." She smiled. 

"I wasn't dreaming." I said 

"Dreaming?" She asked running her fingers through my blonde hair.

"About last night." I smiled.

She shook her head and kissed my lips. 

Harry P.O.V 

 I was sitting at the table with Louis, Liam, and Sereen when Zayn came in and joined us. 

"Good Morning Everybody." Zayn yawned as he walked in. 

"Hey, where's Niall?" Sereen asked as Zayn sat down.

"That's a good question." Liam responded.

"He is usually the first one up for breakfast." Louis said.

Niall P.O.V 

 Dalis climbed off me with the white sheet wrapped around her. 

"Where are you going?" I asked. 

"I have to go get changed." She responded,"I can't go eat breakfast like this." 

"You can wear my clothes." I smiled.

Dalis P.O.V 

Niall got out of bed and changed into some clothes. 

After he put some clothes on he handed me a some black sweatpants and his Crazy Mofos Tshirt. 

"These sweatpants are going to fall off." I laughed holding them up.

"Here." Niall said coming up to me and grabbing the white strings and tying it. "Is that tight enough?" He asked. 

I nodded my head and he kissed my cheek. 

Sereen P.O.V 

I was starting to get worried about Niall. 

"Guys, i think i'm going to go see if Niall is up." I said.

The boys nodded their heads. I got out of my chair when he walked in. 

"Niall, there you are." Liam said.

"Dalis, and there you are." Louis smiled. 

Harry P.O.V 

I turned my head to see Niall and Dalis standing there. Together. They were holding hands and Dalis was wearing his clothes. 

They walked over to the table and sat down. Niall sat between Louis and I and Dalis went and sat between Zayn and Sereen. I couldn't even look at her.

Sereen P.O.V

"Morning." Dalis smiled sitting in-between Zayn and I. 

"Morning." I whispered, "I like your clothes." 

Dalis just looked at me and blushed. 

"Want some food?" Zayn asked. 

"Yes please." Dalis responded. "I'm starving." She said putting both her hands on her stomach.

"Wow." Zayn laughed,"I haven't heard you say that in awhile." 

"Me either." I said. 

Zayn handed her a plate of food and she ate it. I looked over at Niall across the table and tried to catch his eye but he was staring at someone else Dalis. I turned my head and looked at her.  She was just sitting there, with a piece of bacon in her hand eating it. Wearing Nialls clothes she had no make-up on and her hair was still a little messy from just waking up, but Niall was still looking at her like she was the most amazing thing. I was jealous. 

Paul walked in. 

"Guys, when you are all done eating you need to hurry and go pack all your stuff." He said, "We need to get on the bus as soon as possible to go to our next destination." 

"Alright." Zayn said, "Thanks Paul." 

Paul nodded his head and walked out. 

"Well," Dalis said putting down her glass of Orange Juice,"I'm going to go take a shower and get ready."

"Me too." I responded. 

Dalis and I got up and left. 

Harry P.O.V 

Now that the girls were gone I thought it was a great time to talk to Niall.

"So, Niall." I started,"You and Dalis." 

"What about me and Dalis?" He responded.

"Well, you guys walk in here with eachother, holding hands. She's wearing your clothes. It makes me think that something happened between you guys last night." I said.

"And?" Niall said,"That's between Dalis and I." 

"So you slept with my ex girlfriend?" 

"Harry." Zayn said at my comment. 

"Like you slept with her, when she was MY girlfriend." Niall responded,"She wasnt my ex girlfriend, she was my girlfriend. And you still slept with her." 

"So, you guys did sleep together last night." I responded. 

"Yes, we did actually." He said. The other boys just sitting around the table feeling uncomfortable. 

I stood up from the table angrily. 

"I told you she was still in love with me!"Niall yelled as I started walking to the door. 

I turned around, "You know that may be true Niall," I started,"But, the question is does she love you the way that she loves me?" 

Niall stood up from the table. "Well, was she with you last night?" He said."No, she was with me." 

I clutched my fist. 

"She came to my room last night. She didn't go to yours." He continued,"Dalis didnt want you.  She wanted me." 

I was about to charge him until Zayn got infront of me. 

"Let it go Harry." Zayn said pushing me out the door,"Let's go somewhere else." 

As soon as Zayn and I walked out the lobby doors I clutched my fist and punched my fist into the dry wall.

"Harry." Zayn said."Calm down." 

"How could they do this to me?" I yelled.

Zayn put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on the couch.

"Zayn, you knew how much I loved her." I said looking up at him. 

He nodded his head. 

"I love her." I started crying.

"I know mate." Zayn whispered sitting next to me,"I know you love her." 

Dalis P.O.V 

I changed into some clothes and put my hair in a bun. 

Dalis outfit

"I know your insides are feeling so hollow
And it's a hard pill for you to swallow, yeah
But if I fall for you, I'll never recover
If I fall for you, I'll never be the same"

I sang to my myself as I packed my stuff into the my suite cases. 

"You're such a hard act for me to follow
Love me today, don't leave me tomorrow, yeah
But if I fall for you, I'll never recover
If I fall for you, I'll never be the same."


I stopped singing I turned to see Zayn standing in the doorway. 

"Hey Malik." I smiled. 

He walked into the room.

"We need to talk about this morning." He said.

"What about it?" I asked continuing to fold my clothes. 

"So, you and Niall are together?" He asked.

I nodded my head."Yupp." 

"You know Harry is pretty upset." Zayn said.

"Good for him." I said harshly.

"You don't mean that." Zayn whispered.

I shook my head and closed my suitcase.

"You should talk to him." Zayn continued.

"Why would I do that?" I asked zipping up my suitcase.

"Because he is really hurt about you being with Niall last night." 

"Zayn, Harry is just mad because for once he didn't get what he wants." I said.

Zayn shook his head,"He cares Dalis." 

"He doesn't." I said.

"Really?" Zayn asked, "Is that why a couples hours ago after you left breakfast I had to sit there and comfort him while he cried over you." 

"He was crying?" I whispered. 

"Yes, he was." Zayn responded.

I stood there looking down at the floor.

Zayn put his hand on my shoulder, "Talk to him." He whispered.

Sereen P.O.V 

I put the brush down and looked at myself in the mirror. I took a deep breath and walked out of my room. 

Sereen Outfit

I was walking down the hallway when I saw Nialls door open. 


"Hey Sereen." He smiled as I passed. 

"Hi." I couldn't help but smile back.

"You look pretty." He said.

"Thanks." I looked down at the ground trying not to blush. 

He nodded his head.

"So, you and Dalis?" I asked rubbing my arm.

"Yeah." He smiled. 

"Well, I'm really happy for you." I said not being able to look at him.

"Thanks Sereen." 

"Yeah." I nodded my head, "Well, i'm going to go finish getting everything ready for the bus." I walked away from his door and began to cry. 

Dalis P.O.V 

I looked around the room making sure I didn't forget anything. When I noticed a little stuffed animal on the floor. I bent down and picked up my little stuffed Tiger. 

"Hey Tim." I said sitting down on my bed, "I almost forgot you." I said looking at my little stuffed tiger. I shook my head, I was talking to a stuffed animal. I sat him down on my suitcase and got up from the bed. 

I walked three bedrooms down to Harry's open bedroom door. He was packing and his back was turned to me. 

"Harry." I finally spoke. 

He turned his head to the doorway and looked at me shaking his head. "If you're looking for Niall he isn't here." Harry said.

I took a deep breath and walked over to him. 

"I wasn't looking for Niall." I whispered.

He turned his head and looked at me.

"I need you to understand something." I whispered.

He shook his head, "You don't have to explain anything to me." He turned away and started walking towards the door.

"Yes, I do." I sighed,"Because you're acting like I didn't Love you." 

Harry turned around. "Dalis, all I ever did was love you." He turned back around and walked out the door. I ran after him into the lobby. 

"I know I hurt you before." Harry started, "Back in New York when you told me you loved me and I chose to be with Taylor.  And when I broke up with you 2 months ago. But I love you Dalis. I love you so much."

"Harry." I whispered holding back my tears.

"You know what?" He continued, "i've gotten in between you and Niall once before so this time I'm going to stay away. I'm going to walk away, and I won't ask you for anything. But I just wanna know why." He started crying. "Just tell me that, will you please, why? Last night I told you I was still in love with you and you kicked me out and you went to Niall." 

I closed my eyes as tears streamed down my face,"Niall has never hurt me Harry." I whispered. I opened my eyes and looked at him, his eyes were red. "And you have, you even said it yourself." 

He nodded his head. 

"Harry, all I ever wanted was to be with you and be happy." I whispered,"But, then again life never asked me what I wanted. I love you Harry." 

He looked into my eyes, tears running down both our cheeks.

"But, now i'm going to give Niall my whole Heart." I whispered, "But I don't think I will ever be able to not think about you." I sighed, "i'll love you my whole life." 


So What Do You Guys Think????? 

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I Feel Like Some Of You Are Getting Really Bored With This Story And I'm Really Sorry. 


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