Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


6. Carnival ♥

  "Hey!" I yelled walking over to where Niall and Sereen were kicking the soccer ball around.

"Oh hey Dalis." Sereen smiled.

"Wanna play Dal?" Niall asked.

"Oh Sure." I smiled.

Niall and I started passing the ball back and fourth and Sereen just kind of stood there watching us.

After awhile I saw Sereen starting to feel left out. 

"I'm going to go see what's going on." Sereen said walking away. 

I watched her as she walked away and turned to Niall,"Can we like go on a walk so we can talk?" 

"Sure." Niall said. 

"Niall about what I said earlier." I said as we started walking. 

"About how you're still in love with me." He smiled

I took a deep breath,"Niall we have to stop this." 

"Stop what." 

"Loving eachother." I stopped and looked at Niall regretting the last sentence I just said,"You know what, this was a bad idea." I started to walk away when Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me back. 

"Wait." Niall whispered,"Tell me how you really feel." 

I took a deep breath and started to cry,"You're right Niall. I Love You, I'm In Love With You." 

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. 

I stayed in his arms for a couple minutes until I finally pulled back,"You know how I feel but it doesn't change anything." I said looking up at him. 

"It changes everything." Niall said.

"Harry is still my boyfriend and just imagine the hell he would go through if he knew we still loved eachother." I snapped. 

"I know Dalis and I hate that." 

"I love Harry." I said before he could say anymore.

Niall didn't say anything he just grabbed my face and kissed me. 

Liam P.O.V 

"I'm going to go tell Niall and Dalis!" I yelled at the boys

I started walking looking around for Dalis and Niall when I finally heard them talking behind some cement wall. 

The conversation sounded pretty intense so I just stood behind the cement wall listening to their conversation and peeked behind the wall and watched them. 

They were standing really close to eachother.

They were talking when all of a sudden I saw them kissing! 

I hurried and walked away and made my way back to where the boys were. 

I was in shock. How could Dalis and Niall do that to Harry

Dalis P.O.V 

"What the hell are you doing!" I yelled pushing him off me. 

"Tell me you didn't feel anything." He whispered.

"This was a mistake trying to talk to you about how I feel." I said walking away.

"You love me Dalis! Niall yelled as I walked away,"Don't deny it!" 

Liam P.O.V

"Did you see them!" Louis asked as I walked up to the boys. 

Oh I Defiantly Saw Them I Thought To Myself, "No." I said shaking my head. 

"There you are!" Harry smiled. 

I turned to see Dalis walking up to us.

"Where you looking for me?" She smiled.

Harry walked up to her and gave her a hug.

"Are the buses fixed now?" Niall said walking up to us.

"Um ya." I said not looking at him. 

"But Paul said there is a Carnival not that far from here and that we could all go." Sereen smiled.

"That sounds like a lot of fun." Dalis said looking up at Harry. 

"Let's Go." Zayn said. 

Dalis P.O.V 

We all arrived at the Carnival and looked around at all the rides. 

"Let's go on that!" Louis said pointing up at a roller coaster.

"Uh, No Thanks." I said,"Let's go on those."I said pointing at the swings. 

"I want to ride that!" Sereen yelled.

"Well you girls can ride that." Louis said,"And us boys and Harry-"

"Hey!" Harry said at Louis comment.

"Are going to ride the scary roller coaster." Louis continued.

"Fine." I said. 

I pulled Sereen hand and we ran over to the swings. 

Sereen and I sat across from eachother and made funny faces at eachother the entire ride. 

When the ride was over we walked to the roller coaster that the boys were on and waited for them to get off. 


"That was awesome!" Louis yelled getting off the ride. 

"That was sick." Niall said. 

"How was it?" I asked Harry.

"It was good." He said.

"Harry was scared." Zayn said laughing.

"No I wasn't." Harry said.

"Mate, you should have seen your face." Louis said. 

I looked over at Liam who was being really quite. "How was it Liam?" I asked.

"Fine." Liam answered not even looking at me. 

"Let's ride that one now." Niall said pointing to some ride.

"Okay!" Louis yelled, "I'm call sitting with Harold." 

"Hey." I said,"I want to sit with Harry." 

"Well that's too bad, isn't it?" Louis said.

"I'll ride with Liam then." I said.

Liam shook his head,"I'm not going to ride this ride." 

"I'll ride with you Monroe." Zayn smiled. 

"Thanks Zayn." I smiled back. 

"I guess that just leaves us two." Sereen said looking at Niall. 

"Perfect." Niall said.

Of Course She Gets To Ride With Niall, I Thought To Myself. 

We all got on the ride and I was screaming the entire time and Zayn had to hold my hand. 

"That was scary." I said getting off the ride.

"You're just a chicken." Zayn teased. 

"Let's walk around." Harry said coming up to me.

"Okay." I smiled grabbing his hand. 

Harry and I walked around the carnival just the two of us. Liam, Louis, and Zayn were in line for some ride. Sereen and Niall were hanging out by the food stands, both of them were eating Carmel Apples, of course I got a little jealous that they were hanging out just the two of them. 

Harry and I walked around the Carnival games when I saw a cute stuffed Tiger.

"Aww, that is cute." I said pointing at it.

"Want me to win it for you?" Harry asked.

"You don't have too Harry." I said.

Harry ignored me and walked over to the game. 

"What do I have to do to win that stuffed tiger?" Harry said to the guy in charge of the game pointing at the Tiger. 

"Make three baskets without in a row." The guy said to Harry,"It's $5 for 3 basketballs and $10 for 6 basketballs." 

Harry pulled out his wallet and handed the guy a $5 bill,"I can make it with just three." Harry said confidently. 

Harry missed all three shots.

"Harry, I really don't need the Tiger." I said pulling his arm.

He ignored me and reached into his wallet for $5 more dollars. 

"Winner!" The guy yelled when Harry made all three this time. 

"Here you go love." Harry said handing me the cute stuffed Tiger.

"Thank-You." I said kissing him. 

"Hey Guys." Niall said coming up to Harry and I with Sereen and the other boys.

"Let's go get on more rides." Zayn smiled. 

We all got on the Tilt-A-Whirl. 

Harry and I sat just the two of us. Louis and Niall sat in one just the two of them, which surprised me that Sereen and Niall weren't sitting together because they have been on every ride but she sat in one with Liam and Zayn. 

"Next ride." Niall said when we all got off. 

"I'm going to sit out." I said. 

"You alright?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I responded

"I'm gonna sit out too." Zayn said. 

Zayn and I sat down on a bench while the boys went in line for their ride. 


"You want me to get you some like cotton candy or something?" Zayn asked. 

"Sure." I smiled.

Zayn and I walked over and He ordered me a Cotton Candy. 

"Thanks." I smiled as Zayn handed me my Purple Cotton Candy.

"No problem." He smiled,"So how have you been?" He asked.

"Good." I laughed.

"That's good." He said.

"But there is stuff that's been going on with Niall." 

"Like?" He asked grabbing some of my Cotton Candy.

"Have you noticed him around Sereen lately?" I asked.

Zayn laughed,"Are you jealous?" 

"No." I said eating my Cotton Candy.

Zayn looked at me. 

"Maybe a little." I confessed,"But, can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Anything." Zayn replied grabbing another piece of Cotton Candy.

"He kissed me today." 


"But I did push him off and told him I love Harry." I said.

"Are you going to tell Harry?" He asked.

"I don't know." I said,"Should I?" 

"I think you should." Zayn said. 

"That was fun!" Harry said coming up to Zayn and I.

"That was wicked." Louis said coming up behind Harry,"You guys missed out." 

Liam P.O.V 

"Hey guys." Niall said,"Sereen wants to ride that." He said pointing to some ride named the Starship. 

"Let's go on it then." I said. 

"Dalis and I are going to sit out." Harry said with his arms wrapped around Dalis. 

I need to tell Harry what I saw, I thought to myself. I love Dalis like my sister but Harry needs to know.

Niall, Sereen, Zayn, Louis, and I went and rode on the ride Sereen wanted to go on while Harry and Dalis stayed behind. 

Harry P.O.V 

"Want to go on a ride while they are on that?" I asked Dalis with my arms wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah. She responded. 

We held hands and walked around looking for a ride to go on when Dalis pointed out the Ferris Wheel.

"Let's Go On That!" She said pointing at it. 

Dalis and I went on with her little stuffed tiger. 

"What should I name him?" Dalis asked as we sat down enjoying the ride. 

I laughed, "How about Tim?" 

"Tim the Tiger." She laughed.

"That's a great name." I laughed. 

"Okay, your name is Tim." She said looking at her Tiger. 

Dalis laid her head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arm around her. 

"I had a lot of fun tonight." She said.

"Me too." I responded.

The Ferris Wheel stopped at the top and Dalis moved her head from my shoulder and looked around. 

"It looks so cool from up here." She said,"All the people and the lights and everything. It's pretty." 

"Not as pretty as you." I said kissing her cheek.

She smiled,"I Love You Harry." She leaned over and kissed my lips.

When the ride was over we met up with everyone else and went back to the tour bus. 

Dalis went and layed down on my bunk and I stayed with her until she fell asleep. Then I went into the living room where Zayn was asleep on the couch and Liam was just sitting there on his phone. 

"Where is everyone at?" I asked.

Liam looked up from his phone,"Niall is in the shower and I think Louis went to go lay down on his bunk." 

"Oh." was all I said as I went and sat across from Liam.

"I need to talk to you about something Harry." Liam said putting his phone in his pocket. 

"What is it?" I asked. 

"Earlier today before we all went to the carnival, I saw something." Liam said looking nervous. 

"And?" I asked and what he said next just felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. 

"Niall and Dalis were kissing. 


I'm not really sure if i'm happy with this chapter :/

I'm sorry if the story seems really boring so far. :/

And i'm sorry with all the pictures. I hope that doesn't annoy you guys. :/

But please comment guys! I Love It When You Guys Do : ) 

And Sereen<3Zayn123 (Sereen) please tell me what you think about your character so far, i'm hope you're happy with how things are going with it and let me know if you have any suggestions about your character.  



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