Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


7. 7

Time after time when Whip had a plan in his head, the Zek would take a large stomp and would just pop the thought out of his already muddled head. They were brought before the man from the other night or night berfore that, Whip couldn't remember. "Ogla" said the man, the Zeks let go of the kids and closed the door behind them, "Welcome, Fegisato, Children, your stay has been ok?" Ok? does he really think were ok "Yes, we have been very content." "What! we hav…" Jen protested but stoped as she understood. “What do you think my name is?!” the lord boomed, “I do not know sire” Whip muttered. He burst upwards on his black dyed wings and said “I, Master Macdaren” Whips eyes widened why he herd his last name
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