Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


6. 6

The house was burning, slowly burning Mr. and Mrs. Macdaren lay in the fire burning as helpless others watched. Just hours earlier, right after Mrs. Macdaren got over that her son was really gone. Two black clocked men came knoking at the door, when Mr. Macdaren opened the door they brushed past him without being asked to, on what seemed like air they proceed over to the hearth of the house, and started asking the Macdarens about there son in low voices. When Mr. Macdaren denied them the answers of there questions, the first of the men to enter asked "Do you wish to keep your life sir" he sneered as Mr. Macdaren nooded. "Then I advice you answer me and my friend here," "I will not just give my son's information to total strangers" Mr. Macdaren said. Suddenly Mr. Macdarens eyes flared red and his body burst into flame, Mrs. Macderan tryed to help her burning husband but the men’s eyes turned to her and she burst into flame as well. On there way out they touched the wall around the door and and blue flame crept up the wall and the house blew sky high in flames.
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