Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


5. 5

Soon they found them selves in a vast large room, before them a man sits on a throne on a high platform "Come forward young souls" he says nicely. For a time he just thinks then he booms "Guards take them to The Tower, I will call on them when needed!" two guards step out of the shadows and grab the to kids. "BishWell help us!" Whip screams. Soon the sound of heavy footfall fills the small tower and is brought to the dwellers ears even in the deepest of cells in the deepest of chambers the footfalls were still as loud as they were fifteen feet away. Whip and Jen had only seconds until the small door slid aside and revealed two of the biggest Zexs you’ve ever see, ten feet tall with hair all over the arms and legs, they were wearing the smallest of cloth shorts, carrying the two biggest spears one has ever seen. “Cume vis us” one of the Zexs says in the common dialect, “Ze mastar vishes you come” the other says in a deeper more floaty voice. Sill not speaking the two kids get up and walk toward the Zexs, as they are put in chains for the long walk back Whip starts to hatch a plan.
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