Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


4. 4

“How many glasses sir.” “Does it look like there is more then one person in this room…Does it!?” I boom. “No…just you Lord Dragus…at once sir I will have it at once!” The servant stammers and leaves. “Now I must get that stupid Smish’s communication vision back on. I need to know if they get to the Wellick Village!!” Whip and Jen set off at a good pace with BishWell in the lead “Do you think we will get there before the sun sets!” Asks Jen but all they get for an answer is BishWell touching his head near his eyes and grunts: "we will be there in good time" then he touches his head again. Jen looks at him funny, then she takes a black box out of her pocket and clicks a button on the side of the box. It starts video taping BishWell touching his head then after he touches his head again she puts it back in her pocket. “Thank you” he says to the kids "if you would please delete that video of me?" "Sure." Jen says and takes it out and clicks some more buttons and she puts the box back in her pocket. "Now why are you videotaping me?" asks BishWell. "Because you look like you where doing something weird so I videotaped it." says Jen “I just had an itch near my eye that’s all!” He defends himself. “Ok if you say so.” says Whip and they all walk in the direction of the Wellick village. It takes them about 4 more hours to get to the village. When they get there, they all see that the village is just a bunch of tepees in a clump with men, women and children walking about between them. Some men are wearing all white with white hoods that cover their heads and faces. They walk into the village and all heads turn to look at the kids. A man walks up to BishWell and greets him with some kind of bow and then a Wellick walks up to the big Smish and greets him with that same bow. Then he talks with BishWell in private for some time then hands him a note the note says: Dear BishWell please turn your communication vision back on so I can see the stupid kids or you will die as well as the kids! Your Master LORD DRAGUS That’s not the best thing I have heard, BishWell thinks but he touches his head and the communication vision comes back on. He thanks the Wellick and walks back to the kids and says "That Wellick told me where you can get wings for Whip." He turns toward the Gray Mountains and starts to walk. Whip says "BishWell where are you going?" "If you are going to the Gray Mountains that is a bad place I will not find wings there!" BishWell says back, “Do you trust the Wellicks or not, if you do that’s the way to go” “fine, I will trust you but lets get going”. They walk and walk into the mountains and the sky gets grayer by the second, soon it is pitch black. They walk blindly on until they hit a black stone wall. BishWell moves along the wall until he finds a brass knocker and bangs it until a small man (looking like a dwarf from bellness) in black opens a small door in the big door and says "Hello!" BishWell whispers "Ouses." And the man opens the big door with a button, light pours out into the dark. The little man beckons to the kids and they walk very slowly and shyly, into a grand palace with dwarfs scurrying about with trays and other stuff. “Right this way” says the dwarf from the door My name is Varid and I shall be at your service at all times” and he bows to them “thank you” then asks in a whisper to BishWell “Why have you brought us here?” Says Whip, BishWell just winks.
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