Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


3. 3

“WooHoo” Jen yells “This is soo fun!” “I know” Whip yells back.The speed makes the both of them so happy, suddenly the Glider stops and lets out a large clatter! “What’s happened?” says Whip “I have no clue.” They both hop off the still shuddering Glider. “Do we have a tool kit or something?” asks Jen “I hope so!” They both look in the side bags. “Looks like we don’t…wait a minute!” and he pulls out a mini tool kit “This should do it!” Whip gets under the broken Glider to see. “What’s up with it. Do you see what happened?” “Not yet….wait I see the main engine is broken!” “Can you fix it!” “I think so..ummm, got it” and the Glider jumps back to life. “Yes!!” Whip yells “Lets get going!” They get on and ride off in to the desert. A man stands in the sand watching a speck of black get bigger and bigger “Visitors!” he thinks. He tells his wife to make two more beds for the night. She goes inside, the speck pulls up to the house. A boy with no wings and a teenage girl riding on a Glider. “Umm sir” says the boy, “Do you know how far it is to The Zone?” “It’s very far, you stay the night with me and my wife, we will give you dinner!” “Umm ok!” says the boy. It is getting dark he thought, it couldn’t hurt them to stay the night! He gets off and she goes with him. They go inside. “My name is Yashmall and this is my wife Silla. We welcome you to our small house,” says the man who greeted them at the door. “Well Yashmall, as we said we are going to The Forgone Lands,” says Whip. They eat in silence for a minute then Yeshmall says, “do you know who lives in The Forgone Lands ?” “Yes, the Great Wellicks” Whip says back. “Good, you will need to know that to get past the Smish, The Guards of The Forgone Lands !” “The Smish? They guard The Zone and why do I need to know that the Wellicks live there?” Whip asks. “You will know in good time, my boy.” Then they get up from the table and go to bed. In bed Jen thinks “I don’t like that the Smish are guarding The Forgone Lands, this is very bad!” In the morning, they went on their way. Silla gave them some food to take with them. “Thank you for the food,” says Jen. They get on the Glider but it won’t budge from the spot. Silla calls Yeshmall, who goes over to a shed and pulls out a bucket full of gas and fills up the tank in the Glider. It rumbles to life and they take off! “Yes!!” Whip yells. The Glider glides on the sand so fast it is like a mini sand storm. Whip was so happy he could scream and he did, and in return got a face full of sand. “Hahahaha,” laughs Jen, and Whip cracks up too. Suddenly, the Glider stops and as the dust clears they see a very large beast with ten arms and five legs. Jen whispers “That’s a Smish!” “Ummm...Mister Smish?” says Whip “Yes, what do you want,” says the beast in a deep but soothing tone “Why are you in The Forgone Lands?” he asks. “We're looking for the Wellicks.” “Well I’m a guard of the Wellicks so I can’t let you pass…but…I think you know who they are so come with me and I will take you to them, come!” the Smish beckons to the two kids and they go with him leaving the Glider behind. They walked and walked for about a hour, then they came to a little grove of small trees and a bunch scattered houses. “Stop! We will stay here for the night!” he says pointing at a big house. “Are we staying there?” asks Whip. “Yes, we are. Lets go in!” and they do. Inside they crash on their beds and fall asleep before they can look at the house itself In the morning they get up at the sound of breakfast frying in a other room they both get up and sleepily walk in to the kitchen and see a woman about 30 cooking, “Umm…mam is the Smish around?” asks Whip “BishWell is in the yard he is still asleep.” she says in a milky voice Do you think he will wake up soon” “I do hope so for his breakfast is geting cold, here is yours” in that same milky voice and she hands them both a plate of food “thank you...umm…what is your name?” asks Jen “My name is Hileesa Benare I live in this house with my husband Fasad and my two kids Lemare and Resa. BishWell is my husband’s old friend. He lives here with us most of the time but he works so much, he has little time for sleep and time for fun. I will go wake him now.” and she walks out of the room and out a back door. When she comes in, she’s walking in front of BishWell. “BishWell was saying that you and he will leave soon.” She says “Umm…BishWell would you mind me asking you some questions before we go.” Asks Whip “Sure, ask away.” He says. “First!” He says “How far is it to the camp of the Wellick?” “About 20 miles.” He replies with a knowing smile “That’s all I wanted to know now let gets get going!”
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