Wings Of Desire

A young boy sets out from home, not knowing the dangers that await.


2. 2

Whip walked home one day while some other boys flew next to him, laughing and talking. Whip Macdaren is a normal boy who does his work around the house and he does the stuff he is told to do. In only one way he is not normal, he has no wings. For all of his living days Whip has had no wings and this has made him very sad. So sad, he wanted to have wings more then anything in the world and he wanted to have them so much he made this promise to himself “I will get wings and I will do anything to get them.” Instead of going home, Whip grabbed the first train to the Sha-Ma Desert which is the home of the great Wellicks! They are the most sacred beings on this planet and they dress in all white which may be scary. They are also the most knowledgeable and that’s why Whip picked them to help him. When he got there he rented a glider (a jet-ski for sand) from a man renting them. He bought some provisions at a nearby store, where he overheard two people talking about the Wellicks. The first of the two says “Did you hear what they do to kids?” “Yeah I did, they cook um and then they eat um!” “That’s what I heard too” Whip steps out of the shadows and and says “sorry sir (talking to the older of the two) but do you know were I could find the Wellicks” “you?” he asks “but your just a boy and with no wings at that” “hahaha” laughs the younger. Mad, Whip stomps out of the shop and buys a map thinking that he might find something out looking at the map, he sees a patch of unmarked territory he thinks “I’ll head that way” and hops on his glider. A girl about 16 runs up to him “would you by any chance be going to the The Forgone Lands?” “What’s the The Forgone Lands ?” “It’s what the locals call the unmarked spot on the map” “Yes I am, would you like a ride?” “That would be great” “Hop on” “Thanks! by the way my names Jen Tarneck” “Hi Jen I’m Whip” “Nice to know! If you don’t mind me asking why is it that you have no wings?” “I don’t know, I was born this way” “Oh, thanks” “Not a big deal, are you ready to go” “yup” “Then lets go!!” and they speed of!!
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