Encouraging You To Write *AND TIPS*

This is a book to help you to write books and to ignore the hate people have (may I say they might have no heart..)
Anywhoo. You can ask anything! you can ask stupid questions and I might ever write it for you! this is a book for help.. I can even read your books and if you need any changes, i'll just tell you but since im polite I will say sorry a lot, if that bothers you.. Im sorry XD see I did it again!


1. For little Kids

This one is for Kids and it will take 15 chapters for the kids and i'll to teenagers and then adults XD



Kids tend to enjoy pictures, and working on their own scrapbook can be fun. Allow them to create a scrapbook of their own, in which they are the star, and encourage journaling- or writing a tidbit of information about the picture or a story that goes along with it- on each page.

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