Encouraging You To Write *AND TIPS*

This is a book to help you to write books and to ignore the hate people have (may I say they might have no heart..)
Anywhoo. You can ask anything! you can ask stupid questions and I might ever write it for you! this is a book for help.. I can even read your books and if you need any changes, i'll just tell you but since im polite I will say sorry a lot, if that bothers you.. Im sorry XD see I did it again!


4. For little Kids 4


 If your child goes blank when it comes to keeping a journal, try pre-printing writing prompts on the top of lined paper to spark his imagination. Things like, "If I were president..." or "My best birthday party ever..." or "If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to...". Offer additional who, what, when, where, and how questions to help draw out some ideas.


Exactly like a diary where your like.. Let me get a stupid one I wrote when I was 3 im bad at reading my writing.. it sucked

Dear Diary Pawul,

This is my frist Diary ever! im supper exieted and I canot wait to tell you abut my day!

frist we went cannoing and it was cool! we got to meet owr old teechur Ms.Sjnay and also I saw my fwrend Breanna and we ssaid goodby befour I left four a new shool

By Diary!! JenJen!

okay translation btw I wrote what I saw on the paper XD

Dear Diary Paul,

This is my first diary ever@.! I'mm super excited and I can't wait to tell you about my day!

First we went canoeing and it was cool! we got to meet our old teacher Mrs.Shanay and also I saw my old friend Brianna and we said good bye before I left for my new school

Bye Diary! JennJenn

Okay that was a little hard :P

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