Encouraging You To Write *AND TIPS*

This is a book to help you to write books and to ignore the hate people have (may I say they might have no heart..)
Anywhoo. You can ask anything! you can ask stupid questions and I might ever write it for you! this is a book for help.. I can even read your books and if you need any changes, i'll just tell you but since im polite I will say sorry a lot, if that bothers you.. Im sorry XD see I did it again!


3. For little Kids 3


 After choosing a book to read for a book report, create a fun shape on colored paper and cut it out, making lines for the report to be written on. For example, if reading a western, make the page in the shape of a cowboy boot; if reading a Halloween story, make it in the shape of a pumpkin or bat.


Its just like Pumpkin carving on a starry Halloween night! you never know whats inside and you expect seeds but its vines and vines with seeds stuck on them..

its just like..... your room.. when its clean you expect nothing to be on anything.. but when you look at it.. theres stuff on your bed and drawers.. admit it.. you have found socks you've been looking for, for almost 3 days and you found them where? either in the laundry room or under your bed..

And in books. some people like to some times.. and I repeat SOMETIMES use real things that actually happened to them.. My fav one.. because I know its real.. its in my book.


"VidCon?? With Sean.. Our cousin.. is going to VidCon.. isn't that stupid?" I reply to my idiotic brother Ethan "Yes I know.. 'Oh my gosh were going to be surrounded by fangirls..' I get it I get it!"


See that? I actually have a 2nd cousin names Sean Dempsey who is famous and get surrounded by fangirls.. and his brother Ethan my other 2nd cousin told me and we were going to florida for vidcon IT WAS AWESOME :P




Happy August 1st 2013 :D

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