Encouraging You To Write *AND TIPS*

This is a book to help you to write books and to ignore the hate people have (may I say they might have no heart..)
Anywhoo. You can ask anything! you can ask stupid questions and I might ever write it for you! this is a book for help.. I can even read your books and if you need any changes, i'll just tell you but since im polite I will say sorry a lot, if that bothers you.. Im sorry XD see I did it again!


11. For little kids 11



 Make a family news letter to come out once a month or quarterly and assign everyone a column of their own. Create a name for it, design a lay-out, add some of the children's artwork or photographs, and print it out. Send it to friends and family to keep in touch and update them on your lives.


its like the Daily Paper you get at home.. its really cool :P

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