Forever and Always

Harry and Mckenzie were best friends so they make a promise to talk everyday when he is on the X-factor but he broke it and Mckenzie started to cut herself. Harry comes back home to tell Mckenzie how he really feels about her but he figures out that she cut herself and makes her come on tour with him. But will the hate get to her? will they tell each other how they feel about each other?


9. the hate and tour!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?

kenzies POV

"opening act like open up for u guys?" the all laughed and said "yeah that opening act" I thought for a minute or two then finally said ''yes I do it if that means spending time with you all" the looked super happy then harrys phone rung and answered finally he mumbled "yeah sure'' he looked sad then said "uncle si wants us to meet him like right now!" they were all sad but then said "lets go" harry gave me a quick kiss and hug then they left. I decided I haven't look at twitter since a week ago so I went on twitter. (CONTENTS SELF HARM MEY BE TRIGGING!)  I look and saw I had 1.5 millon  followers how then I looked and saw the boys mentioned me in a picture @harrystyles my beautiful girlfriend playing the piano @zaynmalik1993 SHE CAN PLAY PIANO nice gf harry @naillhoran that girl is AMAZAYN @louisthetommo I like her (not like that bastards) @liampayne cant believe that this girl is pretty, can sing and play piano damn styles. I laughed at their mentions with me then I made a bad choice and decided to look at the comments

@mrs.styles gross she is a fat and ugly whore!

@directionerforever I agree with @mrs.styles she is ugly I think she broke harrys camera

I chouldnt take it anymore I needed to break my promise to harry. @kenzie_nicole im  sorry @harrystyles I broke my promise

I ran up stairs to the bathroom I remembered I left my razors at home then I remembered I put some in my purse. I ran down stairs grabbed my purse and ran back up stairs I shut the door and searched my purse and found them I picked the largest one and began to dig it into my skin. blood came pouring out it felt so great so I did it again. then I heard the front door open and close then the bathroom door started to shake and harry and the boys began to yell me name. so I cleaned up the blood throw the now dull razor and I was going to act like the mention on twitter and my new cuts where never there. so I opened the door.

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