Forever and Always

Harry and Mckenzie were best friends so they make a promise to talk everyday when he is on the X-factor but he broke it and Mckenzie started to cut herself. Harry comes back home to tell Mckenzie how he really feels about her but he figures out that she cut herself and makes her come on tour with him. But will the hate get to her? will they tell each other how they feel about each other?


1. before the X-factor

Mckenzies POV


"Harry?" I asked him. "what?" I was nervous he was leaving me just like my parents they were murderd when I was 11. "can you promise me to talk to me everyday?" I know the answer 'no ill be busy but I will try' but he didn't say that "yes kenzie I will I promise". I wish I told him how I feel about him but I couldn't do it. I had to let him go. Then he got into the car and drove off to the X-factor.



Harrys POV

I was to scared to tell her how I feel god im a pussy! Now im on my way to the X-factor my dreams a wait.  I need to let her go




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