save you tonight

tara is an average 17 year old. destine to meet her favorite band one direction. when she gets her chance at her parents theater where she would usually get a free tickett for every concert she went to she had to pay for her ticket which made her really mad. once tara finally gets to know them will she forgive them and fall deeply inlove with her one and only or will she be mad at them forever?.?.?.


5. competition

hey so how have i been doing? i think its pretty good!!! do you think its going to fast please tell me in comments!!!!! i need a girlfirend for liam louis and zayn..... contest here if you can answer a question right about all three of them ill let you be their girl friends!!!!!


liam's girlfriend

1rst question liam first got on the x- factor at what age?


louis's girlfriend

2nd question louis was dared to go in the girls bathroom and makeout with the first girl he saw. true or false?


zayn's girlfriend

3rd question in one of their x- factor videos louis said all the guys in the groups type liam was smart harry was the flirt he was the head niall was the funny one and zayn is blank?


answer the one guys you want to answer.....  the first one too get it correct wins!!!!!!

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