save you tonight

tara is an average 17 year old. destine to meet her favorite band one direction. when she gets her chance at her parents theater where she would usually get a free tickett for every concert she went to she had to pay for her ticket which made her really mad. once tara finally gets to know them will she forgive them and fall deeply inlove with her one and only or will she be mad at them forever?.?.?.


1. about me

Hi, my name is Tara. I'm 17 years old turning 18 April 18th. Im fixing to graduate from Amory High school, and of course i live in small town Amory in the state Mississippi. You can't find anything or anyone special here ,or as some people call it 'famous people'. Well except for the fact Elvis was born here. Other than that there's no live famous people here.... There's never big news ,and when there is it only happens once a year.... but there is one thing.... Wanna guess? ONE DIRECTION! They're coming to our town to MY PARENTS theater!!! Honestly i'm totes pumped! Usually my day consists of waking up, tweeting One Direction, going to school, come home, tweet my boys, then go to sleep! OMFG!!! Tara get with the program thats not my schedule. Okay i wake up, tweet one direction, get ready for school, tweet one direction, eat breakfest, tweet one direction, get on the bus, tweet one direction, get to school, come home, tweet one direction, and then go to sleep. Yep thats bout right.......

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