The Model & her Brother

This is a book based off of movellas i read on here just added some things and tweaked it to make it mine was inspired thanks!!

This is about a model with a big brother. When She comes to pick her brother up from the airport and their are 4 other people their. At first she is like whose this but then she is okay with it. She develops feelings and challenges throughout their vacation from one directions tour.

Hope you like it i post when i can!!
- kisses M


7. The spark that lead

I run into the room and leave the door open for Liam. I need some comfort right now. He closes the door and sits on my bed next to me. I am sobbing right now and Liam is rocking me gently back and forth. "You like Niall, don't you?" Liam whispers. "I don't know. I guess I thought he liked me, but when he started flirting with Eve, and then making out with her, I thought wrong." I say and sob some more. "He likes you a lot. There is just one thing stopping him." Liam whispers. "What?" I ask looking him in the eyes. "Me." he says and kisses me roughly. But I liked it. I felt something i have never felt before but i didn't tell him.


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