The Model & her Brother

This is a book based off of movellas i read on here just added some things and tweaked it to make it mine was inspired thanks!!

This is about a model with a big brother. When She comes to pick her brother up from the airport and their are 4 other people their. At first she is like whose this but then she is okay with it. She develops feelings and challenges throughout their vacation from one directions tour.

Hope you like it i post when i can!!
- kisses M


6. The next day: part two, that afternoon


Kimberly's POV-

Once they all got changed i changed and we came down stairs "Boys, my friends will be over in 5 minutes. Best behavior." I say as they all sit on the couch in front of me. "Yes mom." they all say in unison. "I mean it!" I say. Just then the doorbell rings. I glare at them and then walk towards the door. I open the door and I see my 5 modeling friends smiling at me. "Hey girls!" I say and hug each of them. "Come in!" I smile. I lead them to the living room and the boys eyes grow wide. I roll mine and glare at them. "Boys, this is Charlie, Rachel, Madelyn, Camden, and Eve. Girls, this is Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and my brother, louis. Otherwise known as One Direction." I say. "Hey beautiful." Niall stands up and starts flirting with Eve. What?! Why is he flirting with her? He should be flirting with me!

I go into the kitchen and get the cheese and crackers and bring them into the living room. I set it on the coffee table and go over to Charlie and camden talking with Zayn and louis. I try to join their conversation but I can't, because my mind is somewhere else. I look around the room and see rachel  and Madelyn talking to liam and Harry. Then I see Niall and Eve speaking alone. I can't help but feel fire burning up my body. I kept trying to calm myself down but it wasn't working.

Aww charlie and Zayn look cute together . I politely excuse myself from their conversation and walk over to liam, Rachel, harry, and madelyn . "Hey guys!" I smile. "Hey Kimberly!" Harry smiles and puts his arm around me in a friendly way. "Halz!" Louis says. "Come on! I have a girlfriend!" Harry says in defense. "I hope to have one soon." Liam smiles and puts his arm around Madelyn. She blushes and giggles. I just smile at their cuteness.

All of us got together again and started talking on the couches. I look around and notice Eve and Niall aren't with us. I just shrug. "I'm going to go get drinks." I smile and stand up. "I'll come help." Liam smiles. We walk in and see Niall and Eve making out. I feel the tears fill my eyes and I run to the stairs and run up to my room. "Kimberly! Wait!" Liam yells following me.

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