The Model & her Brother

This is a book based off of movellas i read on here just added some things and tweaked it to make it mine was inspired thanks!!

This is about a model with a big brother. When She comes to pick her brother up from the airport and their are 4 other people their. At first she is like whose this but then she is okay with it. She develops feelings and challenges throughout their vacation from one directions tour.

Hope you like it i post when i can!!
- kisses M


5. The next day: part one


   I woke up. Silent. Nothing cooking. No one up. I got up and went to louis's room. 

"Louis! Wake up!" I said jumping on his bed. Well, mine. "No. I'm tired. Lemme sleep." He said putting the pillow on top of his head. "Please! Come on! You have an interview and i need to go to a photoshoot. Now get up! I don't trust you guys here alone." I whinned. "Well to bad. You got some really bad trust issues." He mumbled. 'Whatever." I scoffed and went to the room next door. Zayn's. 

"Zayn. Please wake up. I have to leave soon." I said still by the door. "Alright love. Just let me get changed and showered." He said getting up. "Thanks Zayn." I smiled.

Next. Niall.

"Niall wake up. I have to go soon." I said walking in. "Okay. Just help me out." He pouted and held his arms out. I laughed and helped him."i am so sour from last night"he said. "Good" i said letting him rest for a second or two. "Alright get dressed." I said closing the door behind me.


I knocked. "Come in." Harry said. "Harry, um i need to get going soon. So um, everyone is waking up. And btw you have an interview with some radio station." I said. "I know. But where are you going?" He asked getting up. "Photo shoot." I answered. He raised his eyebrow. "For?" He asked. "Me. I'm a model. Didn't you listen to anything we were saying yesterday?" I asked

. "NO. Cause i was too busy staring at you." He flirted. "Um, okay." I backed away and went to the next room. Liam.

I knocked on his door. "Come in!" He shouted. I walked in. "Hey li- " He was already awake and dressed. "Um, something wrong?" He asked getting closer. "Um, no. I was just going to tell you i had to get going so to wake up." I said. "But i see you've already done that." I finished. He

smiled. I looked up and down his outfit. "BTW, those trousers are sooooo last year." I laughed. "And you'd know that because........." He said sarctically. "I just know." I smiled and left..

"Okay now time for me to get dressed." I said to myself. "Mind if i watch?" Harry peeked from behind his door. "Not a chance Styles." I scoffed and went to my bed room. And changed.

"Okay so there's food in the fridge. I unlocked the movie room for you and if you all need anything else just call me. Kay?" I asked getting my keys. "I'll make sure to call you." Niall

flirted. " Okay well bye." I kissed louis on the cheek and left for work.

Niall's POV

Kimberly was so stubborn and somehow sweet at the same time. And i liked it. "Niall. My sister

is off limits. Don't even try." Louis said with a serious face getting up from the couch. "We'll leave that choice up to her." I said. "No. She doesn't even like you." He said. "Wow, Harry has a better chance than you." He added. "Hey!" Harry shouted offended. "It's true." Zayn laughed. "You too Zayn." Louis said. Then Zayn shut up. "What about you Liam. What do you think?" Louis asked. "Huh?" He left his thoughts. "What do you think about Kim?" Niall asked. "She's alright. I've seen better. But there is something about her. I just can't put my finger on it." He said. "And you aren't going to put a 'finger in it' either. None of you are. And if you do - " It took a while for him to think of a threat. "No more One Direction." He said seriously. "We all gasped dramatically. "You're kidding right?" I asked. "Does it look like i am?" He asked. We stayed shut. So i can't play with Kimberly. Or else, there won't be a One Direction.

Kimberly's POV

"Okay so that's a wrap!" The photographer shouted. I nodded and went back to wardrobe and changed into my outfit before.

When I got home I unlocked the door and saw a mess. It smelt like boys and there was stuff everywhere. Chips on the ground. Empty soda cans everywhere. And loud burping from the living room.
"BOYS!" I shouted. I walked one step more and heard Louis say, "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" Trying to catch a football (american) and then the ball ended up almost hitting me. "I don't got it." Louis whispered trying to hold back laughter. "What the ?! You make a mess in my house and hit me with a football!? Where's everybody?" I asked throwing my keys at him. "Whoa. Chill out sis." He said. "I'm not happy right now. Boys!?" I called him. "Yes ma'am?" They come. They all came out of the common room and he had a NERF gun in their hands. "Explain this mess!" I shouted. "I dunno! The boys said we should look in the game room and we found these toys and, we got a little carried away." Niall said ashamed. "Alright all are picking this up! I'm having guests over for a party! Now clean this up!" I said to all of them. "Will there be models?" Louis asked hopefully. "There won't be if you don't clean up." I threatened. They all rushed to clean up. "Though so." I smiled. But Liam just stood there looking at me. "Aren't you gonna clean? To have my model friends come over?' I asked. "Oh right, sorry" He said against my skin. "Can you clean please." I pushed him off. "Ok." He winked and went upstairs playfully. 

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