The Model & her Brother

This is a book based off of movellas i read on here just added some things and tweaked it to make it mine was inspired thanks!!

This is about a model with a big brother. When She comes to pick her brother up from the airport and their are 4 other people their. At first she is like whose this but then she is okay with it. She develops feelings and challenges throughout their vacation from one directions tour.

Hope you like it i post when i can!!
- kisses M


3. Introducing one direction and the work out

   "Okay so now for a proper introduction just for you." Louis said. "This is Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Harry." He said in order. "Nice to meet you all." I smiled. They all nodded and Louis looked at them weird. And they all looked nervous. Like if they were afraid of louis.

- Kimberly's POV

  After i showed them to their rooms I went to my room and took a shower. When i got out It was around 10:30pm and i was looking around for something to do. Then i heard rattling from the kitchen down stairs. I took the stairs because i didn't want to make to much noise with the elevator. I walked slowly down the stairs and saw someone in the fridge. "Niall?" I asked. "Hey love. Sorry. When you said make yourself at home, i did!" He smiled. I awed and closed the fridge. "Okay Niall. I think you need to use the gym up stairs. No offense." I laughed. "Off we go then. But after you have to show me what's on the 4'th and 5'th floor. Like a tour." He begged. "Alright. Just because you're my friend and i only trust you. Now go change into some sweats. I'm not going to train you as hard as my trainer trains me. You got it easy this time." I said walking towards the elevator. "So it is going to be easy?" He asked. "Meet me on floor 3." was the last thing i said before the elevator doors closed. I heard him groan. I went to my room and changed into my light blue sweats and ran down the hall and opened the glass door to the gym.

"This is what you people call a 'gym'? More like a mall of exercise equitment." He sai. "Alright lets start.  Do you want to do Cardio or Basics?" I asked. "Basics. Since it's late at night." He said. "Kay." I turned on the music to the top hits. "This is so hard!" Niall whined. "Please. I have to lose 6 pounds for every photoshoot." I said  "How do you do this every photo shoot" He said. I laughed.

Louis's POV

I couldn't sleep. So i went to go find Kim's room to sleep with her. Since she was little, i would always sleep with her. During thunder storms and stuff. 

I came to her room. I knew it was hers since it had a glitter cursive 'K' on it. I knocked. "Kim. Kimmy. Kim. Kimberly?!" I opened it. No one was in there. Then i heard shouting.

"Come on Niall! Faster! Let's do this! Come on Niall! I know it hurts but you are almost their !" I heard Kim yell. "I can't go any further!" Niall grunted. "Yes you can! And if you do i'll give you this!" She yelled. Oh hell naw. Niall? The innocent Niall?! On the first day!? I ran to where the noises were coming from and opened the glass door.

"What the is going on!?" I yelled. "Nothing. I'm training Niall." Kim spoke. I saw Niall turn off the tredmill. "Oh thank god! You scared me! I thought you two were - " I cut myself off. "You dirty minded child." Kim laughed. Niall did too. "Then why'd you say ' And if you do i'll give you this'?" I asked. "I'd give Niall the food i was trying to motivate him with." She said getting closer to Niall. "Whatever i'm going back to bed." I said walking out. That literally scared me to death 


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