I Love Elounor.....NOT

Hi, I'm Louis Tomilinson. You might know me from my band, One Direction. I am in love. Some people can't except that. My management is one. My love of my life is Harry Styles. This is my story. If you don't think we are together, I hope that this helps you understand I have found my soul mate, and it is not the Chick called Elounor.


6. World Tour or Wourld War


               We are heading to America for our world tour. Then we are going to Canada. We were already in Mexico. The boys don't care what me and Hazza do together(; We can at least be ourselves on tour around the boys. We've also kissed on stage. We were punished. Yes, grown men who would be married if it was for them, punished. Because that makes perfect sense. We are in punishment together... Does that help? No.

               I love Harry. I want him to myself. I get jealous. Very Jealous.  Do you blame me? On camera he talks about Snogging Adele and kissing Katy Perry. HE'S MINE!! The whole world thinks other wise. Why do they have to? What's wrong with being gay!? I blame America. With their politics. Let gay people be gay. Let us alone. Modest! Management is the biggest load of bullshit I know of! They need some sense into them. They won't let us be us either! HELP!

             We are in California now, and Harry ran out to get matching tattoo's to my bird tattoo. He is SO sweet. he didn't want to wait until we got home. And we got I can't change and "". our other matching tattoos are the bird cage and the bird, and the ship and the compass. We are soul mates. Can you accept that?

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