I Love Elounor.....NOT

Hi, I'm Louis Tomilinson. You might know me from my band, One Direction. I am in love. Some people can't except that. My management is one. My love of my life is Harry Styles. This is my story. If you don't think we are together, I hope that this helps you understand I have found my soul mate, and it is not the Chick called Elounor.


4. New House, New Styles CH.4


                   FINALLY!!!!!!!! Me and Harry Have our own house!!! I love it!! It isn't to big, but we don't need it to be. We only have one bed- that we share. I love having the privacy with my boyfriend that we haven't had in a while. Me And Hazza Love each other so much, and with our own house, we can express that love. Harry is the one who cleans up. He says I am the Messiest, but he wouldn't want to live with anyone else! Isn't he the sweetest? He cooks me Breakfast every morning he can and then I do. We are practically married. We both love it. This has been the best few months of my life. Even though Modest! wont let us come out to the whole world, we can still be together!! And no one is here to tell us to do things differently. I can tell you we have had blowjobs many of times and sex. It's hard to walk the next morning , so the boys always have a feeling of what we've been up to(;!

                It also helps a lot since we both have beards that we get more time with each other!! We try to spend as little time with them as possible, but we are sentenced to 5 hours a week! it is truly horrifying those hours!

              We got more couple tattoos! I got a compass and Hazza got a ship. Again, when we hold hands they match up, like a puzzle. We are going to continue getting tatts like these for as long as were together. And we are soul mates. Soon we go on tour! More time with Harry and less with Tina...or Gretchen?...Elounor? which ever one.

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