I Love Elounor.....NOT

Hi, I'm Louis Tomilinson. You might know me from my band, One Direction. I am in love. Some people can't except that. My management is one. My love of my life is Harry Styles. This is my story. If you don't think we are together, I hope that this helps you understand I have found my soul mate, and it is not the Chick called Elounor.


8. Back with the Beards and Bullshit


               Fuck!! The Take Me Home Tour is all over! Meanwhile, Harry lost his beard and was publicly humiliated at the Grammies;

                   KILL LIST:


                    Taylor Swift 

                    Simon Cowell

              No one. and I mean no one hurts my Hazza like that. She will definitely pay. I'm still stuck with the bitch y chick next to me time by time. We were even forced by Modest! to go to a Ring Store. I'm so fucking mad at them they are going to ruin my life and fame. Why can't we just go with no record label. Look at Macklemore! He is not signed to some fancy company and he has the best songs! If me and Hazza come out, we break the deal. We can't ruin the guys fame. It means so much to them. Niall, Liam, Zayn. I wish you could understand the pain I, we are going through.  

            Last night, Harry and I made a sex tape(; This is like the 5th. I wish that people knew what we are hiding. What we are sacrificing for everyone. I wish someone would get me.  Oh yes and did I mention that me and Harry are forced to have separate houses?! What the fuck Modest! Why do you hate me. You are killing me! Inside out! If this continues, don't be surprised if you find me dead next to a note. Then your "Direction" Really goes down.


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