Why Is He So Special?

Eleanor Calder is trying to run away from her crazy-killing father but when he tries to kill her in an ally she is protected from the one boy that changed her life forever.


3. You saved my life

Eleanor P.O.V

 I saw Jack fall down in front of me but why did he fall? I looked up and saw a dark shadow i was so scared but the shadow got closer and it was Louis from the store! "What happened? Why did you save me?" He looked at me and said "I was walking by and I heard someone screaming so I walked up behind that guy and i saw a blade in his hand so i grabbed a piece of wood that was right next to me and I whacked him on the head." I looked up and gave him a tiny smile. he saved me from dying and he barely knew me. " I have to go, but Thank you for saving my life. I can never forget this day but thank you" he looked at me and smiled "No problem I can't let someone beautiful like you get hurt like that. I hope you feel better" I gave him a smile and i walked home thinking of that gorgeous person that saved my life.



Hello i just wanted to say how was the story going on so far:) I was thinking of having a series about this book so let me know in the comments if you think i should make a whole series 


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