Why Is He So Special?

Eleanor Calder is trying to run away from her crazy-killing father but when he tries to kill her in an ally she is protected from the one boy that changed her life forever.


18. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleanor P.O.V

I has tears in my eyes and i looked straight into that boy and remember how we meet and how he saved me...  ''YES LOUIS I DO! I DO!'' He picked me up and spinned me around. I kissed him and hugged him tightly. I was a very lucky to have that boy in my heart. He meaned so much to me and i now get to spend everyday of my life with this wonderful boy. So I have nothing to feel bad about i was with the boy of my dream. 

That's Why Louis Tomlinson is special to me.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Guys! thats my first story ever and the ending :( I know. Thank you guys for being there for me and reading my book. I will make series of 'Why Is He So Special' but I dont know what to right about so l will have a question on my prfile and i want you guys to reply what I should make the next book about. A shout-out to 'the_dancing_directioner' for her kind and supportive comments. Read her book 'The Call That Changed My Life'' It is the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys and thank you.

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