Why Is He So Special?

Eleanor Calder is trying to run away from her crazy-killing father but when he tries to kill her in an ally she is protected from the one boy that changed her life forever.


2. That crazy freak is my father

Eleanor P.O.V

I hated my dad ever since I can remember. I started to hate him because he always abused my mother for stupid things like when I was 3 i broke my ankle and he thought it was my mum's fault so when we came back from the hospital he pushed her on the couch and started beating her up and I was just 3 so I couldn't do anything. My mum died 3 months ago so I have to stay with my dad. GRRRRRR worst day of my life. I'm thinking about not even calling him dad so I will just call him by his real name (which is Jack)

Jack P.O.V

 "ELEANOR!!!!!!!!" That girl is always late. I hate her and I think I should do the same thing I did to Katie and kill Eleanor! "ELEANOR!!!!!!!!!!" "Sorry dad i was putting my hair in a bun," She said. "OK Idc hey we are going to the store but we need to take the short-cut."  

Eleanor P.O.V

"T-t-the short-cut??" I was scared because Jack killed my mum in that short-cut. I hope her doesn't do anything to me!!!!! "Uhh ok I guess we will take the short cut but it will bring me bad memories of mum" "I DON'T CARE NOW HURRY UP!!!!!!!" He was always yelling at me. 

                                                      * Arriving to the store*

I was entering the store when I spotted this gorgeous boy with beautiful eyes and a great sense of humor greeting everyone at the store. It looked liked he worked there and when Jack and I walked past him i gave a quick look at his name tag and it said 'Louis T' I always loved the name 'Louis' it was my favorite name ever and he was pretty cute but i didn't want to say anything because Jack was with me so I just gave him a smile and continued walking.

Jack P.O.V 

Me and eleanor were walking back from the store and i saw this boy that she was staring at looking at her like she was a model or something. As we entered the short-cut i turned around and slapped her. I wanted this chick to die

Eleanor P.O.V

I fell to the ground "WHY DID YOU SLAPPED ME!!!!!!!!!!!" He gave me an evil smirk and laugh.    "You are just like your mum and tell her i said hi when you see her down in h-

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