Why Is He So Special?

Eleanor Calder is trying to run away from her crazy-killing father but when he tries to kill her in an ally she is protected from the one boy that changed her life forever.


7. Shopping Time!!!!!!

Harry P.O.V

We got the store and we spotted the boys. How come they didn't come with us when we asked over there at the hotel? Eleanor was smiling the whole time. I never seen a girl smile like that. She was beautiful but I dont have any feelings for her. She seemed more like my best friend

Eleanor P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking about when Louis kissed my cheek. when I saw him at the store I smiled and i kissed him on the cheek and the boys were laughing and Louis looked at them and put his arm around me. When we were done shopping we all went back to the hotel and Liam, Niall, and Harry went to one suite and Louis, Zayn, and I went to the other suite. Zayn said goodnight to Louis and I and We stayed in our room talking. Louis looked and me and gave me a kiss on the cheek again. I loved when he did that and then he looked down " Eleanor, when i first saw you my heart stopped. I never seen a girl beautiful like you. You are my dream girl. so I want to ask you if you will be my Girlfriend?" I smiled "Louis, I would love to be your girlfriend. I had a huge crush on you when I saw you at the store. You are my dream guy. I dont know why but you are very special to me." He smiled and gave me a kiss, but this time it wasn't on the cheek it was on my lips. I looked at him and we both went to sleep. I am so lucky to be his girlfriend and I hope it stays like that forever.

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