Why Is He So Special?

Eleanor Calder is trying to run away from her crazy-killing father but when he tries to kill her in an ally she is protected from the one boy that changed her life forever.


17. I can't believe it :D

Eleanor P.O.V

I woke up because Louis' phone ringing. I answered it and it was Paul. ''Louis, i cancelled all your shows in America. Liam has a bad cough and he can't sing so until he gets better you will stay at the house.''Uhhhh......... Louis is gone this is Eleanor.'' he did a loud sigh ''Well tell Louis what i just said.'' he hung up. Ouch that was hurtful. But I guess  have to live with it because he is the bodyguard and I'm one of the people he protects. Louis walked in the door with something behind his back. ''Uhhhh..... what's that behind your back'' He started turning red and sweaty. ''Uhhh....... nothing babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!'' I can't believe I forgot my own birthday. ''AWWWWWW thank you babe.'' 

Louis P.O.V

I wanted to do something special for Eleanor so I decided to make her a birthday party. I asked Melissa,Gissel,Vanessa,&Karla to help me with the party because they are girls and girls know what girls like. I called the girls and we went to a secret place in the house that I found out when we first moved here. We started with the decorations and Melissa and Karla started with the cake. A few hours passed and everyone was helping (except Eleanor) and Liam went to go get Eleanor and bring her down to the party.

Liam P.O.V

I went to get Eleanor and she was getting ready putting her make-up on. ''Hey Eleanor, whatcha doing?'' She smiled ''I'm just getting ready. Do you know where Louis is? He was going to take me somewhere but I haven't seen him in all day. I'm beginning to worry about him.'' Her eyes were full of tears. ''Eleanor, I know where he is, don't worry'' She smiled and followed me down to the hide-out. She was speechless. 

Eleanor P.O.V

I couldn't believe it. Louis did this for me! I spotted Louis and I walked up to him. I gave him a passionate kiss and I thanked him. A couple hours passed and drunk Harry started to yell ''PRESENT TIME'' we all went to the living room and brought all the presents to a couch. ''Let me open the present from Liam and Karla'' I opened the bag and saw a pair of black sparkly high heels ''AWWWW  I love them!!'' They smiled ''Now it's Zayn and Gissel'' I opened the small box and I saw the IPhone 5! ''THANK YOU!!! I need a new phone'' they laughed ''Liam and Karla'' I opened the small card and it was $1,000 card for Forever 21! "OMG THANK YOU'' They hugged me  ''it's Harry and Vanessa'' There was a big box and I opened it and saw two baby rottweilers in there'' ''AWWWWW THEY ARE ADORABLE'' They laughed ''I will name them Louis and Harry'' ''Now it's Niall and Melissa'' I opened the box and It was a dress the same color as the high heels and a gold necklace. ''THANK YOU i promise I will wear the outfit tomorrow'' I turned to Louis ''I don't need a present from Louis because he is everything I want right now!'' He smiled and gave me the most beautiful passionate kiss he ever gave me. ''There is one present left'' I looked confused and he got down on one knee and look straight into my eyes. ''Eleanor Calder, you have been the only girl in the world that has made me feel special. When I first saw you I was starstruck by your beautyness. Will you marry me?''

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