Let Me Treasure You

I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and answered. "Flowers for a Ms. Sam Carson?" A man with a long gold box in his hands said. "That's me." He smiled at me and handed me the box. Then he walked away. I closed the door and sat on the couch. I opened the box. A single rise wrapped in a gold necklace. Next to it was a note. I picked it up. It read:

Let Me Treasure You

Love, Harry

1. Look out the window
2. Untwin the necklace from the rise and put it on. Wear it to work tomorrow.

The window? I set the box down and walked over to the window. I opened the curtains and saw that it was raining roses and gold confetti. I saw Harry appear out of nowhere with a gold rose. He kneeled down on one knee and smiled. How am I supposed to ignore him now? I quickly shut the curtains and ran over to the box. I took the necklace off of the rose and held it in my hand. It had an H on it. Oh great. I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it. Harry. He handed me the rose. Oh crap!

1. 1.

Harrys POV 


"I can't believe Simons making us wait for some group. I mean they're probably a bunch of bitches…" I turned and saw 5 girls that look very familiar. The curly haired one looked like she wanted to kill me. "Boy these girls are Insane." "Uh…what?" I interrupted. "Our group name is insane you idiot." The curly haired one twitched one of her eyes and then rolled them. "These girl look familiar?" We all murmured yes. "That's because, they're the girl versions of all of you. This is Sammy, Cameron, Gracie, Cailey, and, Izzy. Izzy is the Niall of the group. Everyone's American but her. She's Australian. Sammy's the girl version of Harry. Gracie is the girl version of Louis. Cameron is the girl version of Zayn and, Cailey is the girl version of Liam." He pushed them all towards us. Sammy almost fell. I caught her. I helped her up. I smiled. She rolled her eyes at me. "What I do?" I asked. "We're not bitches…we all heard you." She turned away from me. Woops. "And I go by Sam…" She focused on listening to Simon. "Ok ladies, Tomorrow each of you are going to be doing a photo shoot with your male version…" I wrapped my arms around Sam. She glared at me. "What?" I whispered. She yanked my arms off of her. "Be here tomorrow at 6 am." Simon said. The girls looked at eachother. "We'll be here at 5." They all said. "Now tiger beat wants pictures now so I'll let them in. Girls do the guys' makeup." He left. The girls grabbed their purses and sat us down. I made funny faces while she did my make up. "Stop that." She she glared at me. I pouted. "Fun sucker." "Says the guy with a 2 year old trapped inside his 19 year old body." She snapped. "Look down." I did so. She put brown mascara on my top lashes. "Look up." I did so. She put more on my bottom lashes. "Look at me." She looked in my eyes. I looked back. She didn't get lost in them. "I thought you would have a crush on me." I said. "Then you called me a bitch!" "Well you're being one!" My eyes popped open. "I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry…" "WHATEVER!!! Just shut up!" I did so. She put chapstick on my lips. Simon came back in with Jessie. A tiger beat lady. "Ok we want a prom sort of picture. So Sammy and Harry. Lets just say Sarry. Come with me." I grabbed her hand and started walking. "Let go of my hand before I hurt you!!" She glared at me. "There you go bitching again…I mean…" She looked like she was about to cry. "Please. Just let to of my hand." She cried. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have…" "LET GO OF MY HAND HARRY!!!" She looked at me in tears. I did as she said and she ran up to Jessie. Jessie put her arm around Sam. We got to a room with none other then, a romantic backdrop. "Ok Sam. I want you to put this on." She handed her this:

She went into the dressing room and closed the door. Jessie looked at me. "Don't you know how rude that was? Her parents called her a bitch. Her teachers called her a butch. Everyone but those girls have called her a bitch Harry…" "I didn't mean to say it…" "Just put this on." She handed me a shirt. I took mine off and put the other one on. She put a bowtie and a blazer on me and then Sam came out. She looked really pretty. The other girls came in in their dresses. "Ok. Sarry's up first." I like that name. Sam walked over to the backdrop and so did I. "Harry put your arms around her waist." I nodded and put my arms around her. She slowly set her arms over mine. "Ok now look lovingly at eachother and smile." I looked down at Sam and smiled. She smiled back. She took a picture. "Sam. Keep that. You look so pretty in it that it should be yours." Jessie smiled at her. She smiled back and nodded. They finished with everyone else and I pulled Sam aside. "I'm really really sorry I said that. You are not a bitch. I promise!" "I forgive you. Everyone says that. I'm really nice when you don't annoy me." She said. I chuckled. "So maybe we could go out some time?" I asked. She started blushing. "No thanks. Bye!" She grabbed the girls and they ran out. Well that was weird.

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