Boxing The Payne

Thursday WesWing is a 16 year old girl with a boxing career.
Liam Payne is a 17 year old with the championship title.

They both box each other one night.
They both meet each other on the road.

Both wanting to box again, they do.
Both wanting to meet again, they do.

What happens when they discover that they're hurting and loving each other?

(Okay, in my life experience, I DID box with Liam, but the dating thing isn't true, but we did box each other again because we wanted to. We did that a couple of times but then he got a singing career, so it was the end of that. No I'm joking....I did date Liam, but he said that it didn't work out, I still love him though!)



4. Another Fight and Another Lesson (Oh shit I don't even know)

A/N ._. His fabulousness. I can't even. Lord jesus. Why does he have this affect on everyone? I don't even, oh lord, oh shit. Now I'm angry at myself for not being pretty enough for him. .__. Stay strong and beautiful! Hope you enjoy! <3 xoxo ~Thursday PS: May be short...Sorry ;-; PPS: I love you Cx PPPS: All of these chapters are non fiction, meaning these are real events that happened to meh. <3 PPPPS: May be short...Sorry ;-;



Liam's POV


I shook all of the adrenaline out of my system as I jumped on the balls of my feet. Another fight with Wing. Surprisingly, my coach wants me to win my title back. So, we'll see how it ends.

I tightened my gloves then put my mouth guard into my mouth.


I took deep breaths and walked out when I was called out.

I waved and played with my mouth guard with my teeth.

I pounded my fists together as my coach and I walked under the cords and into the left corner.


I loosened my arms and legs a bit, watching as that scrawny boy was walking back into the ring. I grinned as he smirked at me. I stretched my neck a bit, making a loud cracking noise. Good, now that strain is gone. This match should be started.


The bell rang and we bounced around on the balls of our feet. "Ready, pretty boy?" Wing said to me mockingly, posing quickly before going back to his serious position.


I growled, one of the corners of my upper lip raising.

"Shut up." I mimicked his abnormal pitch of voice and smirked as he narrowed his eyes.


"COME ON! WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY, PAYNE!" my coach screamed at me, waving his arms everywhere. Wing took a hard blow from my glove to the gut, he stumbled a bit, but not enough for him to fall.


Wing gave me a harder swing to my cheek, making me stumble to the right.

He then jumped back to avoid any of my wild swings.


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, PAYNE!?" my coach screamed at me. I rolled my eyes and locked my teeth together. I swung a punch to his gut and then an under punch.


He flew over to cords and held on for dear life. I was about to punch him again until he leaned on me, to avoid getting hit. "You have no idea how much I want to hit you right now." I whispered in his ear.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Let's get this over with." he shouted and wiped the blood away from his mouth. We threw punches at each other, both of us losing our concentration and we both collapsed on the floor with a loud thud.




Thursday's POV


I woke up in a familiar room. "Oh, hai Liam..." I mumbled as I looked to my left.

"Wait. What?" I shot up from the bed and looked to see my clothes were changed.


"Jesus, Chris. Even though you're old and my coach, doesn't mean you can change me..." I mumbled. "Actually, that was me." Liam mumbled as he got up from the bed.

"PERVERT." I screamed and went back and under the covers.

I heard Liam chuckle and patted my head.


I popped my head out and looked up, "So, why am I here? I was at work..." I grumble and stood up. "They brought you here and told me that you were pretty knocked up, I was in the same state." he shrugged and drank half of his water bottle. AKA a jug of milk.


I nodded and made a weird face. "So! Wanna take another lesson?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?" Liam chuckled and shook his head.


"You, you innocent little girl. Will learn sexual movements. By," he pointed at himself.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "No." I state, he rolled his eyes and did the same thing. "You, are not getting out of this." he tapped my nose, making me twitch it.


"What did I do to deserve this?!" I flailed my arms and frowned.

Liam shrugged and grinned deviously while sitting in front of me. "You, do not get a say in this." he grinned at my facial expression and it was priceless I guess.


I sat down motionless as Liam smirked from my immobility. "Don't struggle, okay? I will teach you, and you will have to pass the test. Okay?" I nodded and squinted my eyes, pretending to listen. But unfortunately, I was listening.


Oh god. Dirty shit is coming this way....NOT VERY DIRTY. But you get the point...


He made me lay down and he hovered over me with the most sexiest smoulder I've ever seen.

A/N You know the cover of this story? Yeah, that kind of smoulder. Oh lord...


My breath was in ragged breaths as he dipped his head to my collarbones. Trying to find, what's it called. I think the.....Sweet spot? Yeah, yeah...

"Wh-why is this a le-lesson?" I stuttered as I felt something sensational go through me.


"Oh goooood." I let out a low, what was it? *snaps over and over again* Oh yeah, a moan.

He started to bite on the sensitive skin, making me shiver and cover my mouth.


A/N I'm really innocent. So this probably wouldn't end out well....Guess my friends are right.. ;-;


Then his tongue glided along the now visible bruise. He got up slowly and kissed my lips softly before getting up and smiling like an idiot.

I got up quickly and brushed the bruise with a finger.


I pouted, "It hurts!" I whined and shoved his shoulder.

"It's alright, little girl! It'll fade in about 5-7 days." my eyes widened. "YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME!" I exclaimed, jumping on the bed.


"Well, you have to pass the test or else more lessons will be waiting for you." Liam growled and smirked as I whimpered. "Why do I have to be so innocent?" I questioned myself, "I don't know." I answered back. "Why did you answer your own question?" "I DON'T KNOW?!" I screamed at myself. "You just did it again." I mumbled.


"Oh god, I'm stupid." I mumbled, drumming the bed a little bit.

"Well, do you want to past the test? Or are you wanting to learn more from me?" he raised his eyebrow as I straddled his waist.


He was going to say something but I quickly put my finger to his lips.

"Shhh. I'm going to have to pass this test...So I need to concentrate." I try my hardest to use my seductive voice and whispered in his ear. Making him growl playfully.


I looked at one of his collarbones, so since he found my sweet spot on my left collarbone. I'll go for the right collarbone.

His chest moved up and down rapidly as I kissed the top of the collarbone. "Already, Liam? That's too bad." I pushed my lower lip out and widened my eyes a bit.

"I'm going to have to pass this test the easy way." I laughed and started to do the same that he did to me.


"Oh lord." he moaned. As I made a mark, I pulled away and rested my forehead on Liam's.

"Did I pass?" I breathed,  he nodded.

I grinned and cupped his cheeks tightly and kissed his lips.


"Someone's horny!" I screamed and ran downstairs leaving a horny Liam on his bed, dumbfounded.









A/N OH MY GOD. THIS IS LIKE, THE BEST DIRTY WORK, I'VE EVER DONE. OH GOD. BEING INNOCENT IS FREAKING FUN! I hoped you liked this! Sorry if this took too long to update...Sorry. Stay strong and beautiful! xoxo







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