let me introduce myself. Sophie Payne is my name and im 16 years old, i turn 17 in 2 weeks anyway,im bullied and I've always been, when I was younger I told my brother, he is 3 years older than me, so he is turning 20, but lately I never tell anyone, especially not my brother, Liam, because I know that he will try to stop the bullies, and with stop, I mean he will beat them up, and then everything will just be worse, so yea I keep my mouth shut. I'm like the ideal of a nerd, I always braid my hair, make a bun or have it in a ponytail. I have glasses and braces, but I'm gonna remove them in my birthday!! Yeey, anyway.. Liam and I doesn't go to the same school, and he never bring his friends home, until one day my door bell rings and I run down stairs to open the door and when I do, I freeze. Why the hell is he here ?!


1. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.
I Walk downstairs and open the door,wearing really short shorts and a White shirt, and my eyes widen in fear When I see who's outside my door 
"Sophie?" I hear his husky and deep voice say "y-yes?"
I answer him and feel My legs shake and liam walks over to me and look over my shoulder, it isn't hard,I mean he is taller than me. "Harry!"'Liam shouts almost in my ear and Harry smirks at me "Liam mate!!"  Harry says and he push my shoulder, but not to hard because Liam is here but hard enough for me to almost fall on the floor and he walks inside and gives liam a 'bro hug'.
The three of us watches 'the ring' and Im sitting next to Harry and I feel myself almost sitting on Harry's Lap when the movie is over and Harry chuckles in my ear and whisper "do you like me this much?" I jump out of his lap in fear,is he gonna hit me when Liam are going to the bathroom or something?! 
Oh I guess I haven't told you,Harry is in his senior year in highschool and him and his 'lads' kind of rules the school, and I'm like their hate object and I'm in my junior year, and of course we attend to the same school, ever since my very first day in highschool Harry and his friends have bullied me,and now I just found out that Harry is my brothers best friend?! 
How could I not know that?
I'm sitting in the sofa and realize that Harry have put his hand on my thigh, I feel how my hair stands up in my neck and I shiver by his touch, not in a good way ! I look over to Liam but only to see that he is not here,where is he? 
I'm starting to freak out when Harry lean in and smirks when his face is so close to mine that I feel his warm breath in my face,pretty disgusting but I don't say anything,my brown eyes are stuck in his dark green eyes.  I try to turn my head away from him but he grabs my chin  and turn me to face him again and then he press his lips against mine and I put my hands on his chest and tries to push him of me, when that doesn't work I do something really stupid..


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