Tick Tock... It's Time

Hii, I'm Vanessa. I'm 15 years old.
My story? I'm in love with an older boy, he's 21.
But I can't date him, it's against the rules.
What am I going do about it?
Just read.

PS. See the trailer.


2. Mr. Malik

Beep Beep Beep.

That's what I heard.

What is it?


''Hey, hey, she's awake''.

''Bring a nurse'''.

'''Hello, do you know who you are?''

''Umm yeah, Vanessa, why do you ask it?''

''Well, you had a car accident''

''What? OMG, what happened with my parents and ittle brother?''.

''Your parents died cause a heart attack, and your brother's arm is broken''.

''Where can I live now I don't have parents?''.

''The boy you saved said you and your brother can stay at his house''.

''But, who is the boy?''.

''His name is Zayn malik, he is downstairs, if you want you can go to him''.

''Umm OK''.


''Mr Malik, this is Vanessa. Vanessa, This is mr Malik''.

''Thanks mr Malik, for saving my live''.

''Please, call me Zayn''.

He looks younger that a 'Mr'. He is really handsome.


''So, if you want you can stay by me?''


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